A very warm welcome to you for taking out your precious time and visiting this blog Since you are here we are pretty sure that you want to know how to choose and select a used motorcycles to buy , Well we all are familiar with the fact that nothing is perfect in this world and so as cars and motorcycles , and since it is used motorcycles then you obviously don’t know how the previous owner used that bike.

Life is very precious and since on the road anything could happen any second therefore we could not prevent it completely but we could be cautious enough and do our best to make sure of our safety , So here is this blog we will be going to tell you things to know before buying a motorcycle step by step, Here we have classified what to look for when buying a new motorcycle or used motorcycles As we are not sure whether a new bike delivered from the showroom is perfect or not even though it is under warranty even then we should apply these checks to make sure our automobile is fit for the ride.


So let’s begin


So obviously the first step begins with our choice, the only reason we buy a used motorcycle could be due to different reasons, either due to budget constraints, not using for the long term, buy used motorcycles because the job is rotating in different locations, and many more. So what so ever the reason just make sure you choose and decide to buy a used motorcycle that best fits for your purpose, Decide and ask yourself what type of riding you do much often to decide types of motorcycles you should buy is it commuting, touring, cruising like Harley Davidson or a combination of both or want to have not much used super sports for your personality shine on the track. So definitely a cruiser will not work on a track and a sports bike 1000cc would not fit for everyday commuting, hence shortlist the bike that you would like to buy and decide which one fits your budget. To know more about the latest bikes of 2018 under 1.5 lakhs click here 



Well the price is a very important factor to buy a vehicle but still if you have decided your bike and explored your budget so don’t get attracted with the lower price mark than your threshold limit to buy the same motorcycle, you could get the cheap used motorcycles in this case but If you go to explore the market to buy a used motorcycle from a private seller there is a lot of commitments that they will portrait in front of you even at a lower price because ultimately they have to sell it right , so beware and choose your dealer carefully and if possible kindly choose the dealer option that could provide you with the warranty even for the used vehicles as if you go cheap then after few months may be it is possible that you automobile gets dead completely and make your pockets empty.


Before buying a used motorcycle paperwork should be done and verified and  you guys need to definitely make sure whether the vehicle you are purchasing is free from any police-related records, maybe someone could try to sell you a stolen bike, and if you buy and get caught then the whole responsibility is yours, So it’s the mandatory ensure that the police verification is done, before making a final purchase.


Since you have to use the bike that you are about to purchase hence there is no one else to better judge and decide what you are looking for, if you are buying a used motorcycle from a dealer, take some time to inspect the bike yourself just don’t go by the words of the seller because you never know whether he is saying truth or not, and obviously in the first case scenario if someone is selling his bike, there could be two primary reasons one is that he is not satisfied the bike that he purchased first handed or the user might want to upgrade to a new machine, well it doesn’t matter what the purpose of the seller is but if we are at a position of the buyer’s perspective that we need to make sure that the machine is fit for our purpose and we get the worth for the money spend.


Well like the way you test ride the new bike from the showroom similarly you could also request a test ride of the used motorcycles from the seller or dealer, and even for more kilometers that the new bike from the showroom, If the dealer wants you to make payment first and then do a test ride by depositing some amount of money and commitment of refund then just simply get away from there or do it at your own risk , you could provide a hard copy of your documents like driving license but never submit your valuable documents originals except for the branded showrooms , it could be risky in the worst case scenario they could ask for bribe in return of the document. Once everything is done just do a test ride yourself, I would recommend do it alone to notice each and every aspect of the bike, and finally decide what the used motorcycle values and if you would really like to buy it or not. Click here if you want to know more about the riding rules and safety methods



Inspect the Used motorcycles after the ride

Now you took the test ride of the used motorcycles so now you are quite familiar with it, its ride quality and in your mind you could very easily figure out what is good and what needs improvement in the bike, but still here we have mentioned used motorcycle checklist i,e the key factors that you need to take into consideration when you inspect the bike on your own in general

  • Check the Fuel tank and inside for the signs of corrosion and rust, you could use the flashlight of your phone in case it is not much clearly visible but simply don’t use the candle of the matchstick
  • Check the brake fuel levels: For those of you who don’t know yes brakes needs fuel took or simply called the brake oil, this is usually placed on the top of the handlebars in an enclosed box when you apply the brakes and release it slowly to observe the fuel level rising and dropping.
  • When you sit on the bike look and feel the position of the brakes and clutch-levers, straightness of the handlebars and instrument cluster, if these are not aligned correctly then it could be the signs of the crash or drop. If you find the scratched in the engine, foot pegs or exhaust pipes then you can easily figure out that the bike was a victim of the accident, you could simply hold the handbrake and bounce the front-suspension it should not be stiff and feel firm and even.
  • Get off the bike and check the tires , You could easily figure out the life of tires by looking at the condition of the tires , the surface of the tires should have no signs of uneven wear or damage .just view the kilometers run on the bike and the tires on an average a good tire should run at least 18 to 20k kilometers . Just ask the seller when the last time tires were changed and you could easily figure out the difference.
  • Now since we are concerned about the tires we should also inspect the chain which is the primary source for the motion, check the condition of the chain, check if it loses or having signs of rust and corrosion.
  • For more, you could also look into the response time the bike takes for the ignition to turn on, and if possible get your trusted mechanic to check the condition of the bike.


  • Since you are approaching to buy used motorcycles that means that you should be very much clear about the fact that even after the purchase you still need to invest some money to make it like you desire to have so therefore after checking the condition once you are satisfied with machine bargain keeping in mind that the cost needs to be done for the service and maintenance of the bike should not exceed your budget,


  • Well its completely not bad to have a second hand bike suppose if you a like a bike of one of your relatives and if he decides to sell it then you already have the trust over your relative even here also if you are purchasing the bike from someone else try to observe the background of the person selling the bike to you , if he does a great service like being a doctor and since he has no time to enjoy his bike and if this is the reason to sell a new bike that means ultimately you are profit, because the bike is absolutely new only the second hand is term to describe it, and definitely you are getting a value for money in this case.


Its optional but could be very effective It is always good to have a service history record of the bike, it also indicates that the one who cares about his bike has maintained the service records but for several reasons even if it is not available then no worries you could ask for the owner’s manual and factory tool kit if available.



Last but not the least whether you have purchased the bike or not it’s completely your decision but once you have purchased the bike then now it’s your responsibility to handle it with care as it is yours now, for better long run, get it regularly services from time to time the most important is the hygiene of the engine oil and air filter .

So after performing certain amount of research we came through this blog, if you feel like there should be certain points that are not available in the list then please feel free to mention it down in the comment section so that we as a community could help each other to identify the best suitable bike for each other after all we are all Royal Roads Riders . We would really appreciate your time you took to view this article and visit our website for more information.

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