You might know about the fact that if you want to travel to some other country out of your home country, you need to have a Passport right? but for many countries you need to have VISA for example to visit the United States of America you need to have a Passport as well as a valid visa to arrive and depart from the country, also there are different types of Travel Visa which control your activities and applies limitation on how long you stay in that country. So here we are going to discuss all What is Travel Visa and What are the Types of Travel Visa So that you could be aware of it and apply for the correct visa before you start preparing for the flight. 

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VISA is known as “ Visitor’s International Stay Admission” , well in simple terms Travel VISA is a conditional authorization granted by a country to a foreigner allowing him to enter and remain temporarily within or leave the country, that means VISA is nothing but a type of permission letter for the arriving person to a country from another country which permits him to stay in another country on a temporary and conditional basis.

So if you want to travel to another country like the United States of America, then you must have a valid Passport and Travel Visa, Otherwise, you will not be allowed to board the flight and if your visa gets expired while staying in another country then you have to return back to your home country. There are many instances where Travel Visa application gets rejected so the necessary points that you need to take care before applying for Visa application will arrive soon for the update kindly subscribe to our newsletter.

Now for different purposes, there are different types of travel Visa for an eg tourist visa, marriage visa, business visa, on arrival visa etc that we will discuss one by one here



As mentioned earlier although VISA is a mandatory document allowing you to visit another country but it also depends on what type of VISA you have applied for , as It depends on the type of Travel Visa which allows the duration for you to stay in another country it also determines what is your purpose to stay in another country, since exceptions are always there so there are also certain countries which allow you to arrive and leave the country without any visa, for example for Indian Citizens countries like Nepal and Bhutan does not require travel visa but in order to board the flight you need to have a passport also there is a type of visa with which you could travel multi countries with the only visa known as “Common Visa” so based on different purpose there are many types of travel visa that we are going to explore here

If we categorize the types of Visa in two categories then we primarily have two types

NON-IMMIGRANT VISA & IMMIGRANT VISA, So here we will discuss them in detail

Travel Documents

So at first let’s know about NON-IMMIGRANT VISA TYPES


Suppose you would like to travel another country for a limited period of time say 65 hours only in that case you need to apply for the transit visa, It is valid only for last 72 hours and while applying for this VISA you need to make sure that you have a confirmed returned flight within 72 hours duration.

Next comes the very popular


The tourist visa is required for the purpose of only travel and tourism to another country, with this visa you could not get a job or start a business in another country while staying there, The validity of the visa begins on the very first day of its issuance and Regardless of the duration of the valid visa, the maximum duration of stay in India is limited to 6 months (180 days) on each visit.


Recently Indian Government has made certain changes in the On arrival Visa processes and its also termed as (E-tourist Visa) , this Visa needs be applied in advance before boarding the flight as the immigration department needs to verify your documents before boarding the flight, Its very easy to apply for On-arrival Visa either you could apply on your own or if you need any assistance check out below ;


Business Visa is a specific type of Visa issues to only those people who need to start their business in another country , in order to apply for the business visa the applicant needs to show the proposal letter of their business along with location details to start their business in another country and source of finance to run the business successfully . The validity for Business Visa is between 6 months to 10 years after that it needs to be renewed, for people willing to do job in another country they need to prove the source of permanent job and working visa is applicable, for eg H1B is a type of non immigrant visa to hire a foreigner specialised working professional by the United States Employer for speciality occupations .



This type of visa is only applicable for students opting for higher education in another country, The validation of Visa depends upon the Institute and Curriculum. For Students once the Studies is complete the student visa could not be renewed if you could find a job in another country then you could apply for the work visa otherwise after successful completion of your course you need to return to your home country but if you have a valid reason then your student visa could be extended , if you already have a student visa then you could apply for visa extension

Stay updated to know more about H1B visa



Marriage Visa is a type of visa which allows you to visit another country to marry a foreigner, for example, if an Indian guy is willing to get married to an American girl within India, then the American girl needs to apply for the marriage visa by approaching Indian Embassy to apply for marriage visa , It is valid for only for limited duration .


An immigrant visa is granted to those who want to completely settle in another country, this immigrant visa is only for a single journey and it is only confirmed when another country is willing to provide you citizenship only when the immigrant visa is approved.

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