A decade ago, especially in India, motorcycling primary objective was commuting which was perfectly handled by 100 cc to 150cc bikes in India which provided the best of the mileage and solved the daily purposes. Buying a bike for 1 lakh rupees was something very few people considered, but now the time has changed you can’t go few meters without spotting a KTM, Bajaj Pulsar, Yamaha and much more on the roads.

with an increase in the passion for leisure riding experiences people in India are looking for more powerful machines and attractive looks to experience youthful exuberance, therefore, the demand is now increasing for these motorcycles in the Indian market due to which motorcycle are designing new engines and designs that strives to full fill all the desires for the motorcycling enthusiasts .

2018 is one of the most revolutionary years in the Motorcycling Industry, With the Complete Package of Electronics and Power this year we will come across best bikes under 500 cc in India which are more powerful than ever, This revolution will bring huge hike and demand for the middleweight Sport bikes in India. So we have created up to 400 cc bikes list as mentioned below;
So Here is the list of Top Trending 300 cc to 400 cc sport bikes in India 2018

1) KTM Duke 390

The KTM Duke 390 nowadays is the most powerful and value for money motorcycle that is currently being sold in India. It combines stellar looks with unbelievable performance and rides quality. Currently, the market leader in the 300 – 400 cc bike segment, KTM has no plans to ease up on its domination and that is evident when you look at the new 2017 KTM Duke 390. A spy shot that was recently leaked shows us a radical change in design that renders it completely different from its predecessor. The 2018 KTM Duke 390 Duke with a design that is a lot more aggressive and pronounced with a headlight having derived styling from the 1290 Super Duke, KTM’s new Duke 390 is surely going to make the biggest challenger for every other bike maker competing in this segment. The chassis is a split one with a bolt-on subframe and the bodywork is even more minimal.


The front brake is a 320mm one, meaning better bite, progression, feedback and resistance to fading. 390 Duke is significantly more expensive than the outgoing model, but the pricing can be justified, given the many upgrades, it has had both mechanical and electronics.

KTM Duke 390

The exhaust canister has grown thanks to the Euro 4 emission regulations, which the export models have to comply with. This has also contributed to the 11kg more that it weighs over the former model. The biggest changes besides the new front brake, though, are a 13.5 liter fuel tank, meaning better tank range; a ride-by-wire throttle that eliminates the jerkiness at low revs of the previous Duke 390 and an all-LED headlamp that has a ‘split’ design like the Super Duke, and a colour TFT LCD instrument display that has Bluetooth connectivity, and that can be controlled via buttons on the handlebar. It still remains a value-for-money machine, but in a segment above the outgoing model. The KTM 390 Duke is priced at Rs 2,29,447 (ex-showroom, Delhi).


TVS APACHE is not a new name but TVS APACHE RR 310 is an absolutely new sport bikes design by TVS Motors in 2018, predesigned as the concept model named AKULA displayed in the auto expo , this machine is red hot designed to race , this is one of the best 300cc sport bikes in this segment till date, about to give a tough competition to KTM RC 390 as in collaboration with one of the world’s oldest bike manufacturer’s BMW Motorrad we could expect much more with this red racing machine.

As it appears this bike is crafted for power with its unique reverse inclined DOHC Engine The race-derived 310 cc powerplant makes upstream air being used effectively to pass through the air filter with ram effect. This innovative and unique design provides a compact engine layout resulting in mass centralization delivering best-in-class Power-to-Weight ratio.

TVS Apache RR 310

This bike is crafted for agility with Light weight trellis frame offers higher stiffness with best structural efficiency for total control, excellent dynamic response at higher speeds and ease of manoeuvrability to cut through city traffic and advanced aerodynamics Extensive designing and testing in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel has yielded the best-in-class coefficient of drag to achieve maximum down-force, minimum wind blast and higher top speed. Honed by rigorous testing and unlimited laps on the race track with key inputs and feedback by the TVS Racing Team to ensure ultimate control on the track and street with 35 years of Racing heritage based expertise come standard with every TVS Apache RR 310.

3) Yamaha YZF R3

No one could forget the mini 150 cc racing machine that won everyone’s heart for over a decade Yamaha YZF R15, it provided the iconic Yamaha R1 styling in a much compact and affordable price to the Indian market and was a huge success but this year Yamaha announced a newer version with much more power Yamaha YZF R3, with a 321cc liquid-cooled, DOHC inline twin-cylinder, 8 valves engine this bike is all set to rev your heart.

This bike has a Large 321 cc twin-cylinder engine offers excellent performance whether navigating cross-town traffic, hitting the twisties or on the racetrack and that’s why its one of the best 300 cc bikes in India 2018.

Yamaha super sports bikes inspired styling with a full fairing in a chassis that makes it perfect for first time rider—or experienced riders who prefer a lightweight, nimble machine, And three beautiful coloring options are available which means there is a color choice that is right for you. If we look at the brakes then Yamaha YZF R3 has Modern disc brakes front and rear provide strong, controllable braking power.

Yamaha YZF R3

The YZF-R3 ABS model also features an anti lock braking system to boost rider confidence and prevent wheel lock-ups in reduced-traction conditions. With a flat seat design and a seat height of only 30.7 inches on the YZF-R3, it’s easy to get both feet firmly on the ground and inspire confidence, especially for beginner riders. The YZF-R3 features clip-on handlebars and a riding position that provides a great balance of comfort and sporty riding position and last but not the least yamaha 400cc bikes in India provides the Pistons just like the R1 and R6— they are very lightweight while providing exceptional strength. And innovative Yamaha features like the offset cylinders reduce friction for more power.

4) Kawasaki Ninja 300

The Ninja 300 launched in 2013 was an upgrade to the earlier, and wildly popular, Ninja 250 but it has remained unchanged for the last 3 years, It is perhaps the most recognizable sport bikes of the last decade, In the phase of ever-increasing competition from bikes like Yamaha R3 and KTM RC 390.

Kawasaki has announced the release of an upgraded Ninja 300 this year, Much before nowadays popular motorcycling brands like KTM, Yamaha,TVS, and Honda even came into the display, it was that trademark Kawasaki green of the Ninja 250 that used to turn heads on Indian roads, therefore, Kawasaki will certainly try to reclaim its position as the king of entry-level sport bikes in India.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

This Japanese company has made its entire line-up of models available for sale in India, but it’s still the Baby Ninja now in 300 cc segment that continues to remain a crowd’s favorite. This time Ninja 300 is boasting the brand new graphics, ABS as standard and a beefed-up engine with higher performance figures.

5) BMW G310R

BMW Motorrad is one of the world’s oldest bike manufacturers and it still continues its impressive legacy in the global bike market, In collaboration with TVS, BMW decided to manufacture their new BMW G310R in India to lower costs and make importing to other South-Asian countries easier. Now BMW Motorrad is one the world’s most premier motorcycle manufacturers and that sort of reputation comes with a hefty price tag So it might be hard to wrap your head around the fact that BMW wants to compete with KTM and Honda in the more affordable bikes segment, this is the first time BMW is manufacturing a bike outside their factory in Berlin.


The BMW G310R is a naked street-fighter with a design that manages to be aggressive without over-doing it. It is powered by a brand new 313 cc single-cylinder engine which is the smallest capacity out of all BMW’s currently in the sale. BMW revealed that this bike will serve as a foundation model in India upon which they will base semi-faired and fully-faired versions.

BMW G310 R Motorcycle

6) Mahindra Mojo UT 300

Mahindra mojo just released its mojo ut300 teaser officially, The Mahindra Mojo UT300 employs a carburetor for fuel supply, instead of the fuel injector. The standard Mojo makes 27 PS and 30 Nm from its 295 cc DOHC mill so you could expect a marginal drop in power and torque figures.

An exhaust system is a single unit instead of the twin cans in the standard Mojo. A gearbox is a 6-speed unit. Brakes include petal front disc and a single disc at the rear. the alloy wheels are shod with MRF tires, with the 140-section rear. The rear uses a mono shock The bike is likely to use the same 21-liter fuel tank which the standard Mojo has, Mahindra seems to target urban customers who want an affordable but capable tourer motorcycle The UT300 is essentially a less-expensive version of the standard Mojo.

It loses out on the upside-down front fork in favor of a more cost-effective telescopic fork. The LED DRL is gone, but the twin halogen headlamps are still present. The raised handlebars and wider pillion seat will improve the comfort factor. The teaser shows that the bike’s silhouette overlapping on the rural and urban background.

Mahindra Mojo

With This, we end our listings here but this is not the end, there are a couple of other motorcycles also that are best in this segment, Kindly mention down in the comment section below in case any brand or motorcycle is left. We would appreciate your contribution, Kindly subscribe to our newsletter in order to receive updates.