2018 is the year for the motorcycling enthusiast and even for the seasoned buyer’s because this year we have a lot of variety to choose from, but a lot of options creates a lot of confusion, but you don’t need to worry my friends, here we are going to provide you with the list of best motorcycles to choose from depending upon your budget and use.
First of all we need to understand that every motorcycle is special as every motorcycle manufacturer produced the bike models under different categories for different purposes for different consumers, for example, if you want to go for much tougher rides for longer distances or off-roading then definitely a daily based commuting bike will not going to serve your purpose, similarly if you want to purchase a motorcycle which could serve your daily office commuting then a superbike with 1000cc engine or above will not be your preferred choice , So the ultimate choice depends upon you as a buyer to buy a motorcycle that completely fits your needs and budget .
So let’s compare some of the best bikes of 2018 based on similar segments so that you could get a brief idea of which bike to choose

Let’s start with

a) KTM RC 390 or Apache RR 310

These days KTM’s are everywhere on Indian Roads and RC is now a senior sportbike in the 300 to 400 cc segment which in one sentence we could say is very powerful, If you want to have a sport bike that is powerful, that is not hard to maintain, and gives you the full feel of the complete race track machine then RC 390 is for you this machine is easily available under 2.5 lakh rupees starting from Rs 2,39,499 (on road price Delhi/NCR). RC 390 could reach a top speed of 167 km/h (104 mph) with a Power of 30.04 kW (40.29 hp) @ 8,600 rpm and it has 32.92 Nm (24.28 ft-lb) @ 6,800 rpm . According to KTM “Its a sports bike in its purest form. Reduced to the essentials. Agile, fast, suitable for A2 driving license and extremely sporty. Whether you are on country roads or the racetrack, the Moto3 genes are perceptible in every maneuver and convey pure race feeling. The handling – simply spectacular. The performance – incredible. The power – thrilling.”
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KTM RC 390
KTM RC 390

tvs apache rr 310On the Other hand we now have TVS Apache RR 310 newborn baby by TVS motors, this is TVS best creation so far, and it looks absolutely amazing in the red design, this is the best racing machine offered by TVS pre-designed as the concept mode displayed in the Auto Expo 2016 with the name “AKULA”. So if you want to have something new, something powerful, something stylish and something for which you want to turn the heads on of people sitting in the cars on the traffic signal then TVS APACHE RR 310 is for you, This bike will cost you s pretty less than an RC 390 with Rs. 2.05 lakh Ex-showroom Price, Delhi but if we compare the overall specifications of this bike with an RC 390, then RC 390 is slightly above than an Apache RR 310, but with 2 lakh price definitely this bike will rule with its overall personality and feel . to know more kindly check out  TVS APACHE RR 310 

b) Yamaha R15 version 3 or Honda CBR 150 R

Yamaha R15 was one of the most trending bikes for a very long time in India, it was the introduction of 150cc sportbike which gave the racing bike powers in the hands of Indian entry-level riders, but this year we have much awaited R15 ver 3, The Yamaha R15 V3 comes with LED lights, telescopic suspension and dual disc brakes without ABS while CBR150R also has the same sort of equipment options.

Yamaha R15 v3
Yamaha R15 v3













Disc brakes on R15 are bigger and same could also be said for the 140/70-17 rear wheel of R15 V3. The Yamaha R15 ver 3 is powered with 155.1 cc Single Cylinder Engine with a Maximum Power of 19.3 HP @ 10,000 rpm and Maximum Torque of 15 NM @ 8500 rpm This bike is priced at ₹ 1,25,000 (Ex-Showroom Price) This bike could reach a Top Speed of 136 kmph and has a Fuel Tank Capacity of 11 litres. So if you need a sport looking newer version with power factors @150 cc engine then Yamaha r15 ver 3 is for you.

Honda CBR 150rThere is certainly no shortage of motorcycle models in the affordable performance segment in India. there seem to be some saner options available like the Yamaha R15 and the Honda CBR 150R. The Honda CBR 150R is a younger sibling to the popular Honda CBR 250R. This bike is Powered by a single cylinder, a fuel-injected 150cc engine which redlines its way to nearly 12,000rpm, the 150R offers more than enough performance for urban riding. This 150cc unit is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and produces around 18hp slightly more than Yamaha’s R15 previous generation model. the CBR 150R is not an absolute sports bike yet it manages to strike a commendable balance between sportiness and efficiency CBR 150R is one of the most impressive entry-level performance bikes one can buy in India This bike is priced for around Rs 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom).

c) Suzuki Intruder 150 or Bajaj Avenger Street 220

suzuki intruder 150The Suzuki Intruder is new in class miniature design of the massive Suzuki Intruder M1800, The is considered to be the modern cruiser in the 150 cc Segment in India, its new and will provide the new experiences to the buyers on the other hand bajaj avenger is a well known cruiser under budget by the Bajaj and is a famous motorcycle whenever entry-level cruiser bikes are taken into consideration.

Suzuki intruder is powered by 154.9 cc air-cooled, carbureted single-cylinder engine which produces 14.1PS of max power at 8000rpm and 14Nm of peak torque and comes with a 5 speed gear transmission this bike has a Projector LED Headlamps and has got tubeless tires also Suzuki intruder is provided with ABS And alloy wheels This is the most affordable cruiser provided by the Suzuki now if we talk about the price then Intruder is worth Rs. 1.00 lakh Ex-showroom Price, Delhi which is more expensive than its direct rival, the Bajaj Avenger 220 street.


Bajaj Avenger Street 220
Bajaj Avenger Street 220

The Bajaj Avenger 220 street is powered by 220cc Single Cylinder Carburetor engine with Halogen LED DRL Headlamps, this bike produces maximum power 19.03 PS @ 8400 rpm and has got 5 Speed gear transmission This also got tubeless tires but no ABS system, this bike could roll to a maximum of 118kmph with 45 Kmpl mileage so the price of this bike is Rs. 93,466 Ex-showroom Price, Delhi onwards.
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d) KTM Duke 390 or Bajaj Dominar 400


Here we are comparing the bikes which are rivals only by the name because The Bajaj & KTM are in a collaboration and this synergy has mutually benefitted both the companies with low-cost production and global expansion helping KTM achieve 25 % annual growth in the past 3 years, The collaboration with Bajaj helped KTM lower its costs and increase profits substantially. So either you choose KTM Duke or a Dominar 400 both a coming from the same company in your hands in India  I,e Bajaj
so let’s know more about KTM Duke 390 & Dominar 400

The KTM Duke 390 nowadays is the most powerful and value for money motorcycle that is currently being sold in India. It combines stellar looks with unbelievable performance and rides quality. Currently, the market leader in the 300 – 400 cc bike segment, KTM has no plans to ease up on its domination and that is evident when you look at the new 2017 KTM Duke 390. A spy shot that was recently leaked shows us a radical change in design that renders it completely different from its predecessor. The 2018 KTM Duke 390 Duke with a design that is a lot more aggressive and pronounced with a headlight having derived styling from the 1290 Super Duke, KTM’s new Duke 390 is surely going to make the biggest challenger for every other bike maker competing in this segment. The chassis is a split one with a bolt-on subframe and the bodywork is even more minimal.
The front brake is a 320mm one, meaning better bite, progression, feedback and resistance to fading. 390 Duke is significantly more expensive than the outgoing model, but the pricing can be justified, given the many upgrades, it has had both mechanical and electronics.

The exhaust canister has grown thanks to the Euro 4 emission regulations, which the export models have to comply with. This has also contributed to the 11kg more that it weighs over the former model. The biggest changes besides the new front brake, though, are a 13.5 liter fuel tank, meaning better tank range; a ride-by-wire throttle that eliminates the jerkiness at low revs of the previous Duke 390 and an all-LED headlamp that has a ‘split’ design like the Super Duke, and a colour TFT LCD instrument display that has Bluetooth connectivity, and that can be controlled via buttons on the handlebar. It still remains a value-for-money machine, but in a segment above the outgoing model. The KTM 390 Duke is priced at Rs 2,29,447 (ex-showroom, Delhi).
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Bajaj Dominar 400
Bajaj Dominar 400

If we talk about the Bajaj bikes then how could we forget the Pulsar which was everywhere on the Indian roads and at some point or the other almost every motorcycle enthusiast has tried their hands on a Bajaj Pulsar at some point in their lives, Bajaj Dominar 400 is an absolute power hybrid motorcycle which you could consider either for the long-distance touring, everyday commuting, riding on the bad patches and different terrains or racing , this bike fits in every style of motorcycling segment, you could cruise this bike for hours without worrying about anything, this bike provides a lot of opportunities and its bajaj’s best creation so far, This bike is powered by Triple spark 4-valve DTS-i engine, closed fuel injection, liquid cooled 373.3cc engine , that produces maximum power (PS @ RPM) at 35 @ 8000 and Max torque (Nm @ RPM) at 35 @ 6500 , This bike has got a slipper clutch and 6 speed transmission gearbox, it could reach a top speed of 156 kmph and could reach 0-100 kmph sprint in 8.23 seconds. This is absolutely one of the best 400cc bikes in India 2018, as priced Rs 1.36 lakhs (non-ABS) & 1.5 lakhs (ABS) We think its one of the finest deals the one could ever get if you are looking for the best bike under 500cc in India.

These are some of the comparison lists of the latest most trending bikes in India within the same segment for more motorcycle comparisons
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