In Past couple of Years, Motorcycling in India has reached an extreme new level with long distance touring and riding for even more than 1000 km in a day is now becoming a trend these days, to fulfill this extreme kilometers journey we require some exceptionally made designed motorcycling that could provide the long-distance motorcycling enthusiasts with absolute safety and fatigue-free ride, for this Adventure Touring Motorcycles came into existence and this segment is now gaining popularity especially among the young and experienced riders itself. Now the road is not a limitation to reach anywhere these bikes are fit to ride either on a road, highways or even toughest terrains in the world, In this article, we are going to provide you with the list of top 10 adventure tourer bikes which all will be available in India in 2018.

Triumph Tiger 800 Family

Tiger 800 Family

We all know who is “Tiger”, we could all imagine the power of the king of the jungle similarly Triumph Tiger has got all the features that a tiger should have, Perhaps Tiger is one of the most famous adventures touring bikes in India and across the world, There are multi-range for the Triumph Tigers as XR, Xrx, Xcx& XcA, the Triumph Tiger series is currently a hot favourite in India whenever adventure touring is present. This motorcycle range is based on the street based, cruise control based & off road based. All the ranges share the same 800cc 3-cylinder engine that produces 94bhp and 79Nm of torque along with a host of electronics and varied suspension units on different models that are on offer except the Tiger Explorer which is even more powerful with a 1200cc Engine.

This motorcycles are indestructible and are willing to conquer any terrain in the world provided the rider is competent enough, now most important the prices for the Triumph Tiger 800 range start at ₹ 10.6 lakh for the XR versions (Pan India) and goes up to ₹ 14 lakh (Ex-showroom, Pan India). Ladakh is not far away if you have a Triumph Tiger with you.


Kawasaki Versys

Kawasaki Versys

If you are looking for best adventure touring motorcycles 2018 then you simply can’t miss This Kawasaki , The Versys is an expert adventure touring machine which simply means that these motorcycles are great mile munchers and come with a long list of electronics which make life easier for not so experienced riders, The Versys 1000 gets a 1049cc engine that is good for 118bhp and 1032Nm of torque. The name Kawasaki “Versys” is derived from “Versatile”, “System”, The ergonomics of this motorcycle are an absolute spot on and won’t tire out the rider even after spending long hours on the saddle another version of Versys includes the Versys 650 which has a 649 cc engine which churns out 68bhp and 64Nm of torque, This Versys 650 is the next most affordable ADV after the Royal Enfield Himalayan. which is nearly ₹6.6 lakh and for the Versys 1000 is ₹ 13.28 lakh (ex-showroom-Delhi).

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Build for all roads and Build for no roads is the signature slogan given to this Himalayan machine by one of the oldest motorcycle company in the world Royal Enfield, Perhaps this was one the most affordable Adventure Tourer in the country but now Hero X pulse will give a price tag competition to this Himalayan in terms of affordability, This bike has already created a furor in the market it has performed well on the road tests and is easiest to maintain , The Himalayan has a 411cc engine that produces 25bhp and 32Nm.

The Himalayan is as comfortable on the tarmac as it is off the road, Tough as nails, minimal and capable, this Himalayan is perhaps the best motorcycle to go off the road and learn the craft before you can move on to more expensive motorcycles. The price for the Himalayan starts at ₹ 1.63 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi) and It’s one of the most practical motorcycles on the right side of ₹ 2.5 lakh having adventure touring genes, and this could be considered as the best adventure motorcycle for beginners


KTM Adventure

Today there will be hardly any motorcyclist who is not aware of KTM motorcycles its a huge trend in the last couple of years here in India and now to bring this legacy forward how could KTM stay away from the ADV segments this year we could expect KTM 1290 Adventure series here in India, Its Unstoppable and offer the best offroad motorcycles in this segment . The KTM 1290 ADVENTURE stares down anything in its path. Bespoke WP suspension, offroad wheels and a tough yet fuel-efficient engine are ready to rumble. Decades of rally raid victories roar within, the True adventure takes guts, so KTM’s rally experts brought out the big guns and packed 1.301cc, 140 Nm of torque and 160 hp into the world’s most advanced Travel Enduro chassis. This makes for a mile-munching omnivore, ready to carve its name into any terrain – the tougher, the better. The KTM adventure bike price could be INR 15 lakh (approx)

BMW R1200 GS

BMW R 1200 GS

Getting ahead on the Price mark this is the Premium Adventure Touring Motorcycle in the World, This model founded the dual-sport motorcycle segment and is still leading it confidently today. Riders with this machine are breaking the records and doing the Whole World Ride with this machine so you could imagine the power this machine has This bike has a versatile road performance and comfort in any terrain, combined with the legendary robustness and the expertise from over 36 years of GS development result in a motorcycle that does not shy away from competitors. Numerous test triumphs and technical magazine awards proved that the “GS” model is one of the top-selling motorcycles worldwide in its category. The new model includes enhanced touring ability as well as off-road performance. More comfort, more dynamics, and more fun, The price of this BMW R1200GS is 19.5 lakh(all prices ex-showroom, Delhi) and if you are spending this much amount of money on a GS then you will never regret it.

Ducati Multistrada 1200S

Ducati Multistrada

Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 S like any other adventure style motorcycles, versatility is its strong point, It looks much smarter and edgy in its signature Red Color, which wins the heart with just one glimpse, Ducati says that the Multistrada is four motorcycles rolled into one.

It is powered by a 1198cc engine that is good for 160bhp and 138Nm of torque. Like all other Ducatis, this one too is loaded with a suite of electronics. Although the Multistrada is fairly street-biased, Ducati will be brought the Multistrada Enduro to India at the end of 2016. It will be packed with features and equipment suited to off-roading as well. The price of the Multistrada starts at ₹ 17 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Suzuki V-Strom

Suzuki V Storm

There are much more ADV’s yet to arrive in India but we would conclude our list with none other than Suzuki V-Strom 1000 for ADV motorcycles in India.it can tackle broken roads with consummate ease and will not let you down on the worst roads either. Also, it is almost manageable as a daily ride too. The V-Strom is powered by a 1,037 V-Twin Engine that produces 98bhp and 103Nm of torque. The ride quality is amongst the best and the V-Strom is surprisingly easy to live with for a motorcycle as big as it is. The V-Strom does not get a bash plate like other motorcycles on this list. It has Traction Control and ABS but the latter cannot be switched off, but you will have to shell out a decent amount of money for fuel. The Suzuki V-Strom 1000 is priced at ₹ 14.95 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi).

I hope you guys loved reading this blog, please note that the listing of these motorcycles is not based on the performance rankings.