//Top 5 Awesome Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Top 5 Awesome Islands To Visit In Seychelles

Are you planning a trip to Seychelles? Then you came to the right place. Now you just need to sit in comfort while reading this blog and within the next 5 to 10 minutes from now you will get to know about the “Top 5 Awesome Islands to visit in Seychelles”. So let’s begin

Seychelles is a country in East Africa in the Indian Ocean with the chain of about 115 islands in which very few are colonized so if you plan a trip to Seychelles you could expect to explore the most beautiful islands in the world along with the capital city “Victoria” where you will land if you fly to that country.

If you are a couple and looking for some exotic honeymoon destination where you could experience the scenic beauty of the tropical islands and paradise on earth then Seychelles might be the one of the best honeymoon destinations that you could include at the top of your travel list with good news for travelers as Seychelles provides Visa on arrival to people from majority of countries all you need is hotel reservations and return tickets with you .

So here we have :



mahe island


If you are in love with the aquatic animals and want to experience nature and life underwater, then Mahe is a must go place for you if you visit Seychelles, Mahe is the largest island of Seychelles considered as the cultural and economic hub that offers the breathtaking eye vision for honeymoon couples and nature lovers.

It is a spot for Giant and some really old tortoise who roam freely on the island, you could be friends with them if you can! Mahe Island is a quiet and silent place where nobody will disturb you due to its less population and ocean surroundings where you will only listen to the divine sound of waves always trying to reach you.

To experience the best time of your life with complete freedom along with your friends or better half, this is the best place to express yourself having long conversations while walking hand in hand on the hiking route around the island with amazing ambiance everywhere. This island also offers the best watersports activities on the beautiful beaches, along with steep mountains.

Finally, it offers luxury resorts where you could enjoy spa treatments along with amazing restaurants.


Ladigue island

La Digue island is also one of the most beautiful islands to visit in Seychelles, reaching La Digue island feels like entering straight into nature’s heaven with mesmerizing views, beautiful natural colors all around you. It’s a perfect destination and the most photogenic island you could ever explore.

La Digue island beaches are mighty, mainly “Grand Anse” and “Anse Source D’Argent”  are strewn with pink granite rocks. People visiting here prefer to ride a bicycle or ox cart here to roam around to capture memories out of this beautiful place. If you ride a bike you could pedal over to “Ile de Cocos” for “Scuba Diving” or “Gawk” at the rare Paradise Flycatcher at the Veuve Nature Reserve which is a small natural park situated in the middle of the island.

If you land to Victoria and wish to reach Mahe and La Digue islands then you should pre-book your cruise which operates daily and carries passengers around on the islands of Seychelles. Here we would like to refer service “Cat Cocos” which is a fast ferry service from Mahe to Praslin/La Digue below you could check their schedule until 2019. For more information visit Cat Cocos.

Also for your reference, you could check out the route map for your reference

tourism in seychelles
Image Source: Seychellesbookings


praslin island

When you reach Seychelles, It is recommended your stay first at Praslin Island and then start exploring other islands as Praslin island is the second largest island which has amazing hotels and resorts where you could spend hours soaking in sun gazing the stunning sky. If you like watching birds and want to capture amazing photos from your DSLR camera’s then here you will find the stunning sky full of a variety of rare bird species like Black Parrots, Bulbul that dwells in Praslin islands that contains the spectacular palm forest also recognized as UNESCO world heritage site.

Here you will get a chance to see the plant Coco De Mer, which grows the world’s largest and droll seeds. This part of the country is the spot for divers as it has the rich ancient coral reefs of Praslin shores.



If you are looking to relax on an island with delicious food serving then  Cousine island is the best islands to visit in Seychelles, where you could relax on the sandy beaches where you will feel the layers of the atmosphere and cosmic energy. In the daytime, you could spend your time fishing, diving, bird watching, and island hopping. Take a nature walk through the amazing tropical forests and the place is so much easy to remember that either you could hire a guide or travel without a guide it completely depends on you.

Wishing to have some delicious seafood, here you just need to place the order and the resort in which you will stay will prepare and serve the most delicious meal for you!


silhouette island

Silhouette island is better known as the island of legend with tropical beauty, Silhouette island is the third largest island in Seychelles which is located 20 km away from Mahe island off the western coast. Silhouette offers many attractive walking trails where you could explore natural beauty walking around the island.

Here Anse Mondon” is another attractive destination that can be hiked to from La Passe in two hours. If you hire a guide here then you could accomplish the second highest peak on the “Mount Dauban”. According to ecologists, Seychelles has the richest biodiversity in the entire Indian Ocean.


In terms of currency conversion

    • 1 Seychellois Rupee equals 5.47 Indian Rupee
  • 1 Seychellois Rupee equals 0.074 United States Dollar

Euros and Dollars are accepted in the country but in order to make your trip more comfortable get your money exchanged at the airport to get the best price.

Food and the Markets are quite expensive in Seychelles but you have an option to go for the night markets in Beau Villon beach where you could get the whole variety of local food which you can get on relatively cheap price. So, get your table and enjoy amazing seafood with the local music and campfire around you. Eat, dance and enjoy!




Seychelles is home to a lot of hotels and beautiful resorts so if you are not on a budget go for the resorts to make your stay even more relaxing and pampering.

The cost for the accommodation will start from 5000 INR (Approx. 68 USD) that will go up to 20000 (Approx. 272 USD) INR per night depending on the luxury, location, view from the stay and the distance from the markets and food; so choose accordingly.

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