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REASONS TO VISIT GOA – Considered as India’s Party Capital Goa is the most vibrant, exotic and a very popular holiday destination of India, and preferred mostly among the youth in India as well as people from all around the world visit here to experience the best times of their life. There are uncountable reasons to visit goa as this place has almost everything for everybody whether you are looking for beaches, rivers, planes, hills, jungles, museums, architecture, history, culture, weather, nightclubs, shopping, party and more and more and more , Goa is the only destination in India which you simply can’t ignore. As we all know that Goa has the uncountable number of beaches, therefore, it’s simply not possible to leave goa without hitting the beautiful beaches.

Goa Situated at the Southwest region of India is surrounded by the Arabian sea, is a perfect tourist destination for all kinds of fun-loving sports activities, Travelers and visitors from all around the world rush here in large numbers to get high and party. For food lovers there are exciting flavors of seafood cuisines along with the kind of unique culture makes this destination a definitive distinctive freedom destination in India that one should never miss. You could visit Goa anytime during the year but summers are not preferable due to hot and humidity of the place, many party places are also shut at this time but it does not  mean that summer is not the right time , The Goa is at utmost peace during this time, if you want to spend some quiet and peaceful time with yourself or with your loved ones along with the creative activities like photography, videography or underwater activities then Goa could be visited in Summers also.

Goa in India is a blend of the Indian and Portuguese culture, Young college students, bachelor’s or couples mostly visit here for the beaches, booze and party but for the travel enthusiasts, Goa is definitely more than beaches, drinks, and trans parties. So here we are going to discuss the TOP 10 Reasons to visit Goa.


Goa has one of the finest looking beaches in India, and the number of visitors arriving in Goa every year is just astonishing and ever increasing. If you try to search Best Beaches Destination in India you will get Goa in the list of top 5. There are beaches for every mood and all the beaches are unique in their own way whether you are looking for being social or want to relax here, There are many things to do on the beaches like enjoying the sunbath , lay down with a bottle of beer near the beach and see the happiness around you , go for a swim , perform water sports activities and much more .

The more beautiful the beaches look during the daytime the better it feels during the night time when you are talking a cool walk near the beach and feel spiritual from within. Also, the main highlight of the beaches in Goa is that you could have a candlelight dinner on the beach which will fill your evening with love. Must visit the Baga Beach in Goa which will be full of a crowd but on the other hand, you could also visit Morjim beach which is also a very famous beach in goa but this place is less crowded as compared to Baga and you will find it peaceful.

Beaches will always remain the main attraction of goa and the primary reason to visit Goa but along with that other serves to make your holiday a complete package of enjoyment and fun.


Nightlife | Clubs & Parties

As already known Goa is the Party Capital of India, and India’s best place to celebrate New Year, Goa is very economical and alcoholic beverages are very cheap as compared to other states in India like Beer. Party animals in India Goa are the perfect place to hang out with friends. You will experience the best nightlife like nowhere in India other than Goa, The Best renowned DJs from all around the world collaborate here to show their rocking party performance to the crowd here, You will enjoy the best of DJ live music and concerts, Groove like never before and enjoy the Party.

Goa will definitely be the perfect getaway from your daily office routine if you work daily in a 9 to 5 job and also get ready for the Biggest New Year Festival which is organized every year in GOA famously known as SUNBURN.  

Note: Alcohol is injurious to health and we are strictly against alcohol consumption   


Sea food | Reasons to visit goa

For any holiday destination, Places and sightseeing might be beautiful but if the food is not good then the charm is decreased, but that is not the case if you are planning to visit Goa, then keep in mind that Goa offers a very wide variety of delicious seafood. Goa cuisines is influenced by the religions of both Christianity and Hinduism with an emphasis that the food should be served only if it is fresh and tasty and is also reflected in the style of cooking and also there are many specialties in the Goan cuisines which are truly loved by the food lovers some of them are crab, fish curry rice, Goan feni etc. Food is also the main reason to visit goa as the seafood offered in Goa is awesomely delicious.


adventure water sports | reason to visit goa

If you are an adventure lover then Goa is the right place for you to travel, as there are many sports activities that you can do and make your holiday memorable here, and one of the best adventure water sport activity is Scuba Diving where you could explore the underwater life and swim along with fishes and explore the beauty inside the sea . Above the water if you love speed and thrill then you could go for a jetskiing , The experience of jet skiing over water the azure waters at high speed is an unforgettable experience that will always usher excitement in you also Parasailing is one of the most favorite activity that you could perform in Goa, watch yourself fly high and get an action camera if you want to capture the parasailing moment and see the world from above like a bird flying in the air, In this activity a rope is firmly attached to the harness of the parasail which measures around 200-300 feet, and the other end to a speedboat and the individual pleasantly gets lifted off the ground and within a few seconds the flyer hits the clouds when the speedboat gets into top gear. There are also many other water sports but the adventure sports activities are one of the best reasons to visit Goa.



aguada fort | reasons to visit goa

Apart from all the fun-loving or crazy activities that you can do in Goa, The Portuguese Culture and Architecture also serves as the main sightseeing attraction for travelers, for the love of photography or creating your memorable moments in Goa you could visit Aguada Fort which is a 17th Century architectural marvel Portuguese military style fort which was built to supply water to the ships that stopped by, from Aguada fort you will get an amazing view of the Arabian sea.

Similarly there are many other forts that you could visit here and some of them will remind you the scenes from some of your favorite Bollywood movies, apart from this To put the essence of spirituality in the heart of the visitors Goa has many churches that you could visit and pray for your wellbeing and peace, also if you are interested in stories then must visit Dona Paula a village in Goa with a tragic love story attached to it, where a Portuguese Viceroy’s daughter named Dona Paula jumped off the cliff since her father refused her to marry Guin Fisherman.


people and culture | reasons to visit goa

Goa has its own unique culture, this place is simply not like any other city with a daily 9 to 5 type routine , there is always an environment of party and chilled out life, due to the kind of freedom in lifestyle that goa offers is the main reason why Goa is always on a wishlist of every young boys and girl. More than Parties and Beaches goa is inspired by the Portuguese culture that people love to see in this part of India, The very convenient way to travel here is to rent a scooter or motorcycle at very economical prices and also for the family car rental is also affordable. Goa Trance parties are famous due to its increasing hippie culture and Goa simply means freedom that means it also offers the females liberty to dress up the way you like it. You could go for a relaxation massage where winter holidays in sunny goa offers much relaxation. 



shopping | reasons to visit goa

Girls love to shop and for them but for everybody, Goa markets are lined up with amazing goods at amazing prices, nowadays shopping is done mostly through e-commerce but still if you travel then you may understand what is the curiosity to shop and choose the best from shopping for you or your loved ones and take the memories and specialties with you as a wonderful proof of your dream holiday and share the experience with your loved ones, Goa is also a shopaholic’s dream destination as it offers night bazaar and an amazing flea markets for shoppers in Goa , there is a very wide variety of fashionable clothing available for females and accessories from designer boutiques, not just clothing but antiques and handicraft are easily available at bargained rates.


sunset cruise | reasons to visit goa

Goa is a perfect destination for those who are in absolute love with the mother nature, from an early morning sunrise till the most romantic sunset, Goa preserves the best mood for every person who likes the best getaway from their routine life, You could enjoy the Sunset cruise at Bogmalo Beach Goa or watch an early morning sunrise with the endless water and sky meeting together with the sun rising from the east while you are sitting and relaxing at the beach. Goa is full of energy and you will experience the positive side of it if you take out time and relax here and simply don’t rush for home too early, the best part is to spot dolphins in the sea water. Take an early morning cruise to spot the dolphins, for spending the more peaceful time you could do bird watching and you will love it if you like the wildlife photography, and if you like an open environment with no restriction and want to bring out your creativity forward then goa is definitely for you.


photography goa

Get your cameras ready for taking your best shots in Goa whether you are here to travel or party, to explore the culture or any other , You simply can’t restrict yourself by taking amazing pictures and creating precious memories out from here, It truly not necessary you need to be a professional photographer to do it , even with the smartphone you could have stunning shots of this place and definitely you would like to create stories and share your experience with your friends and the whole world on Social media, So what you are waiting for, there are so many reasons to visit Goa,Book your flights today at cheap price here.


goa church

Yes , out of the many reasons to visit Goa as mentioned earlier the final reason to visit Goa is to go Goa , because there is nothing like Goa in entire India, and if you have not seen Goa that means you have not seen Goa, You may like it or you might not like it but you could simply can’t ignore Goa from your travel wish list, But Once you plan your trip to Goa then definitely you will going to remember it for the rest of your life, it’s a perfect destination for you to either travel solo, as a couple, with friends or with family Goa welcomes everyone.

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