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Top 10 Hippie Destinations In India

Hippies are those people who understand the language of only happiness and enjoy peace all the time, They are free from the boundaries of limitations in life and are always living as a free spirit. Hippie culture influence is present in India for Centuries so If you are planning to visit India to enjoy the hippie lifestyle then this country is right for you as here you will find not just one but many hippie destinations in India where strangers become friends and make your trip an unforgettable one.


India is a very versatile country with a very vast variety of beautiful cities and landscapes especially if you like to travel then here you just need to think and go.

If you need a break and want to be free from your day to day busy and hectic routine, and from the stress of never-ending work pressure, social influence and many other matters that steal our peace of mind then you must visit and explore the best hippie destinations in India to forget everything and just live for yourself.

So now let’s check out the best hippie destinations in India to enjoy complete freedom!


Kasol is a hidden paradise and a well-kept secret in the Himachal Pradesh in India, with the beautiful landscapes and a very well defined and a most popular hippie destination in India when it comes to the Himalayas.

Inspired by the Israeli culture Kasol is situated 75 km before Manali if you approach from Delhi. Enjoy the breathtaking views and peace near the Parvati river.

Stay in Kasol is very reasonable you may find very good and cheap hostels to stay for just Rs 200 – 300 per night. There are many cafes in which you could spend quality time with the EDM and Trance music with the beats and Yes don’t forget those herbs to make your trip complete.

If you love to trek and experience nature then don’t miss “Kheerganga Trek” and Go Trippy! If you have more time then don’t forget to visit Tosh which is just 20 km from Kasol.


One thing you need to understand here is that Hippies are never in a rush so if you are planning for a trip to visit the best hippie destinations in India then you should relax and spend at least 4 to 5 days for getting satisfied with your trip so if you are already in Kasol or visiting Kasol then you should also visit “Malana” which is just 21 km from Kasol, Himachal Pradesh.


If you are hippie within then you might know about the very famous Malana Cream that you will only find in Malana village. It is very popular internationally in countries like Amsterdam and many foreigners hippies visit “Malana” for this reason.

Dharamshala (Kangra)If you want to explore the hippie destinations in India then Must visit “Malana” as it is the ultimate cannabis destination for you.



Considered as the Yoga Capital of India, Rishikesh in India is one of the best hippie destinations in India which is just 240 km from New Delhi. You will attain ultimate peace across the banks of the holy river “Ganga”.

If you are looking for some adventure then this place is also very famous for adventure activities like “river rafting”, “Bungee Jumping”, “Flying Fox”, Mountain Biking” “ Giant Swing” and much more than Rishikesh is a perfect destination for you to explore trans + adventure.

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas here you will find many yoga ashrams and cafes to spend the quality time.  



Pushkar is a town in the Indian State of Rajasthan which is also known as the Royal State of India as it has best royal destinations for you to visit, but here Pushkar is getting popular for its hippie culture nowadays,

Here we have “Pushkar lake” which is a Hindu – pilgrimage site with many ghats and once you sit and spend some time with yourself you will attain ultimate peace. In the Hindu Culture “ Brahma who is the creator of the universe.”

has only one “temple” which is only in Pushkar. It is one of the most visited places in India by the Foreign tourists and if you want to have some trippy time with friends then Pushkar is one of the best hippie destinations in India to experience a different dimension of life. 



You might have heard about the nine cornered lake known as Nainital, which is a very famous destination in India and a perfect weekend getaway from New Delhi which is just 300 km from the Capital of India but if you want to have some trans experience and enjoy like a hippie then you must visit Almora which is just 62.9 km. Here we have Crank’s Ridge also known as the “Hippie Hill” is frequently visited by the hippie crowd.

For the Nirvana seekers, you may experience this place a perfect destination to discover yourself from within. This place has all the charm of the vintage times in the ’60s and ’70s which is far away from the daily rush routine.


goaGOA is a perfect tourist destination in India with many reasons to visit Goa. It has all the flavors of enjoyment and many must do adventure activities so that you could enjoy here.

Goa is known as the Party Capital of  India where people from all around the world visit and get their feet on the dance floor to enjoy and party like never.

Goa is a perfect place for beach lovers to experience freedom and the best time of their life here in India. Goa is also a very famous hippie destination in India and here from sunrise to sunset hippie and trans lifestyle never ends.

This is the original hippie getaway in India where you could simply lose yourself in trance and psychedelic music. If you want to be a part of the rave parties in Goa then must visit the Vagator and Anjuna Beaches to party night long raves. So what you are waiting to start packing your bags and go goa!



If you are looking for one of the best hippie destinations in India where nobody will disturb you due to a less crowded place situated in the Indian state of Karnataka in southern India, Then Gokarna is a destination for you where you could see the fantastic view on the walls as “wall art” as shown below

Gokarna is a very famous known for “Mahabaleshwara Temple” and what a trippy traveler wants the blessings of “Shiva” the almighty God and complete freedom in life. Here what you need to do is that play some Floyd music playlist and let go with the flow with a “pot”. To make a perfect trippy trip.



Another best hippie destination in India in the southern Indian state of Karnataka is Hampi. It is also listed on UNESCO’s list of the World Heritage Sites.

You will find hippies dancing in this mysterious village so don’t be surprised. If you love Psychedelic music to let yourself go completely then Hampi is a destination for you.

Here you will find yourself lazy just lying down and just looking at the sky all day long and counting the stars in the night. Whether are you are looking for smoke or drinks Hampi has it all for you. You will find almost everything here to enjoy your psychedelic trance. You can hear to Bob Marley songs somewhere in the background and yes you are at the right place.



When it comes to best beaches destination in India then Kerala is considered to be the best beach destination after Goa, and if you are looking for the best beaches destination in India then you must explore Varkala which is situated in Kerala.

That is also known for its churches here Varkala is one of the most undiscovered and commercial fewer places in Kerala. In Kerala, it is very well known for becoming “Trippy” is a place for a large number of hippies. This site is also considered to be the non-disturbing place because literally, no one cares here!

So while listening to your favorite trance music you may find your place on the spectacular beach under the tall palm trees and enjoy this trippy destination.


If you are looking forward to visiting this place then what this destination guarantees you is a peaceful holiday with ultimate peaceful weather plus a perfect place for a quiet getaway on the other hand if you are looking for some rave parties then you could proceed towards Vattakanal and party all night.

Exploring the beauty of this place as a traveler you will feel the ultimate joy of peacefulness that will make you feel how beautiful life is and this is what exactly all hippies are looking for.

See it yourself and then believe!





Varanasi is a divine destination in India that is spiritual and colorful moreover you will find hippies chanting “Hare Rama”, “Hare Krishna” the divine name of the gods while playing guitars and living freely through the wisps of smoke rising from the chillums.

If you want to be liberated from all the stress from your life and attain (moksha) then take a holy bath in the river Ganga and you could see the saints and sadhus here in Varanasi smoking their chillums.T he destination is commercialized and during any divine Hindu festive season, you will find a lot of crowds assembled here .

indian sadhu

So here are TOP 10 Hippie Destinations in India to explore a different dimension of Life!

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