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BEST BUDGET CRUISER BIKES – Motorcycling in India is not just about commuting or traveling, its also about the leisure riding, and comfort, If you are not in a rush and want to enjoy each and every moment of your ride then you strongly need a cruiser motorcycle rather than a sports motorcycle, but what does first comes to your mind whenever we hear about a cruiser motorcycle well I am sure you instantly imagine either a “Harley-Davidson” motorcycle or A low seat height with the gas tank slightly above it, and mid or forward foot controls motorcycles, right?

Well in some point or the other in our life we certainly want to experience a cruiser but those who are worried about the high price tags that these cruiser motorcycle have so now you don’t need to worry anymore because this year in 2018, the motorcycle companies have a lot more to offer to the buyers, within the same trademark you could now get a motorcycle of your choice under a budget with the same cruiser DNA.

So guys if you a looking for a cruiser motorcycle this year then kindly check out the list of the top 5 best budget cruiser bikes in India, and make your own choice for which brand you want to cruise.


Bajaj Avenger

First on our list is none other than and much popular the Bajaj Avenger cruise 220. The Bajaj Avenger motorcycle is the one that introduced the masses in India to cruiser motorcycles, There is also another variant of avenger which is 180cc but this bike is primarily restricted to the street. Bajaj says “For those who believe salvation lies on the open road, for those who believe the journey is the destination, for those who seek liberation with the twist of a throttle, presenting the all-new 2018 Avenger Cruise 220.”

Bajaj Avenger is one of the most affordable and comfortable cruisers in India and with 220 cruise Bajaj has done a good homework this time to make the bike a complete cruiser package than the former Avenger. starting from Rs 94,464 Indian rupees, this bike is one of the best affordable entry-level cruiser bikes in India under 1 lakh and compatible with mass Indian audience with the good looks and feel of a cruiser.


Suzuki Intruder

Suzuki Intruder as we all know is a massive motorcycle in the Cruiser segment and the first and the biggest ‘Intruder’ nametag gained popularity from Suzuki M1800 Intruder, a 1800cc beast of a cruiser. This name tag has now been put to a 150cc engine, which is, based on the Suzuki’s Gixxer model which has been a success and has managed to carve a space of itself in the 150cc segment and the reason is simple, it is a great motorcycle.

Suzuki Intruder is India’s modern cruiser with ABS and is now available with fuel injection. The ABS( Anti- Lock brake system), is a supplemented system, which automatically controls the braking force efficiently and avoids wheel lock up due to slippery road, sudden change of road conditions or excessive braking in a certain controllable range.

The intruder now comes with advanced fuel Injection Technology equipped with 6 sensors to calculate the optimum amount of fuel to be injected for better combustion efficiency, thereby improving fuel efficiency and providing accurate throttle response at all rpm to make your ride even more exciting, Intruder is Powered by SEP (Suzuki Eco Performance) its a new development concept proposed by Suzuki, at Suzuki they paid great attention to the riding performance, and “SEP” stands for the next-generation engine that offers both low fuel consumption and superior acceleration.

Overall if you want a cruiser with the sharp looks and good performance under 200cc then simply go for Suzuki Intruder 150 which is one of the cruiser bikes in India under 2 lakhs


UM Commando

UM, Motorcycles was established in Miami, Florida as an American Motorcycle brand with a goal to bring innovative technology and design features with benefits to consumers, The brand was created for the riders, by the riders. Since the last couple of years, UM Motorcycles started expanding its market with the cruiser lineup in India, and the most popular among them is the Commando.

In 2017 there were more than 10,000 units on the road, You will feel the freedom once you have the RENEGADE COMMANDO 300, you will be one of those who lives to experience comfort and performance that’s second to none, set upon the path of self-discovery, you don’t succumb to limitations, you live to master them, the soft silence of the open road is only punctuated by the sound of the cold wind whooshing by your face.

The hum of the 4 stroke liquid cooled engine and the crunch of the gravel beneath the massive 140mm rear tyre gives you a high that’s hard to let go, with a comfortable low slung seating and wide handlebars, relaxed upright seating with front footrests additional safety with advanced braking system override mode for comfortable highway cruising, even the mileage that it provides 35 Kmpl is worth it for the 300 cc that’s why The Renegade commando is an epitome of strength and sensuality it is built to lead and command respect wherever it goes. This bike is one of the best in style cruiser bikes in India under 3 lakhs.


Yamaha VstarGreat things come in small packages with Yamahamaha cruiser bikes in India – the all-new Yamaha Vstar 250 is a light and nimble, plenty of torque, smooth power, huge MPGs and a low seat for confident handling. The top feature of this bike includes its Compact Custom Lightweight and a seat just 27 inches from the pavement make the V Star 250® a great trainer as well as a great choice for riders who appreciate the fun that comes in small packages. Its Big Bike Style with Dual exhausts, plenty of quality chrome and typical Star attention to detail—this is one sharp little cruiser.

This Yamaha Vstar has Strong Brakes with Front disc brake provides highly controllable stopping power. a Unique V-twin Performance, The V Star 250 is the only V-twin in its class and last but not the least the Ultra-Efficient Engine which includes Estimated 78 mpg* means almost 200 miles between fill-ups. If you are looking for something fresh and something new to have then you much check out this Yamaha Vstar 250 starting from Rs 283194.92 onwards.


Thunderbird X

This year Royal Enfield Introduced the New version with a completely new design of the very well known and one of the favorite cruisers in India Royal Enfield Thunderbird as the Thunderbird X this is one of the unique and best designs cruiser bikes in India under 3 lakhs, The Thunderbird is a definitive highway cruiser, It’s made for open skies, unhurried riding and a weekend on the saddle.

If heading out into the great beyond is you thing, the thunderbird is for you, The new thunderbird handles better, it looks better and still maintains the charisma Royal Enfields are known for, The Thunderbird’s built for highway cruising, its set in, alid back riding stance has you going for hours on end without fatigue, Many thoughful inclusiong, among them a 20 liter fuel tank that gives you 550 to 700 km stretch and makes every trip a breeze for the leisure motorcyclist and at every turn, its looks will turn heads, the Thunderbird comes in 2 engine variants 500 cc and 350 cc, Its utility includes a removable pillion seat make room for saddlebags and a carrier, handling includes a square swingarm rear suspension keeps the rear tyre in contact with the ground on slopes and hills,a set in cruiser stance, handle bars that have been placed higher and a well-padded bucket all make for a comfortable riding position, With a price starting from Rs 1,50,000 onward the Royal Enfield Thunderbird is worth to buy for the kind of motorcycle it is .

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