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BEST BIKES FOR LADAKH TRIP – Ladakh Season begins when summer arrives for the majority of tourists from across the globe in the month of June, when the Sun heats up the Cities in India the paradise on Earth awaits for you to come to the Himalayas and explore Beauty on Earth and the pride of India none other than Leh Ladakh, Best time for Bike trip to Ladakh starting from May till October is the season to visit Ladakh but June and July is considered to be the best months for planning your trip to Leh Ladakh, People from all around the world come to visit the beautiful Himalayas in India and If you are thinking of planning your holidays then what your waiting for Start packing your luggage and Explore Ladakh at least once in your lifetime and we bet that you will never regret as the words are very limited to express the beauty and tranquility of the Himalayas. A few years back it was very difficult to travel Ladakh as the roads were not so good and it was full of risk for the inexperienced riders to opt for this trip but thanks to the Government of India to make these roads motorable and now its somehow easy than earlier to reach Leh Ladakh as the conditions of roads are better than earlier but still you need to be prepared enough physically as well as mentally to take this trip as it is still a challenge.

Many people gets confused as to which bike to choose for Leh Ladakh trip then in one sentence “You could choose any bike to travel Leh Ladakh, but the bike with more power will provide more comfort and ease for your entire journey” , If you are carrying lots of luggage with you then it would be good to have a bike with a good amount of torque & bhp with the high displacement engine , Therefore a bike needs to be reliable and must have a good build quality would be just perfect for this purpose.

People nowadays are traveling to Leh Ladakh even on a modern scooter to the Khardungla Pass and also cycling ( The Highest motorable road in the World). So basically whichever bike you choose the most important thing that you could not deny is to be as fit as you can physically as well as mentally because only these two key factors will help you to stay strong enough to successfully ride on the toughest terrains , You need to control your mind enough to calculate speed, distance , time (as the oxygen level is low in Leh Ladakh, there are chances of suffering from “AMS” which is known as the Altitude Mountain Sickness ) . There is no mandatory rule to have an expensive bike to travel Ladakh during your journey you will observe Splendor, Scooters and similar other bikes which are less than 120CC, but you cannot rely on them as its a very bad patch and you need the power to climb that road up to the hills with Such power but at the end its the pleasure that matters when you ride so select vehicle which gives you more comfort with confidence as well.


Watch the Video to Explore the List of 10 Best Bikes for Leh Ladakh Trip, but still if you would like to read more then keep reading below ;


royal enfield bullet

Nobody could deny the fact that the Ladakh Bike Ride Trent Started with Royal Enfield and Bullet is one the most used bike for touring in Ladakh, Its not due to the fact that bullet is the only hardcore-bike to face the challenging terrains of Ladakh but it has a history attached to the brand, Its one of the oldest motorcycle production brand till date and was mostly used by the army officials for commuting on these places and since then it gained popularity among the riders who want to plan a Leh Ladakh bike trip, Due to the availability of service stations Bullet is considered to be the safe and reliable bike in Leh Ladakh trips.


Royal Enfield Desert Storm

Similar to Bullet but Classic in Nature the 500 CC Royal Enfield Classic is the preferred choice among travelers and explorers of Ladakh as nowadays its easily available on rent and is too heavy and strong also well tested, with the comfortable saddle seat hence Royal Enfield Classic is a good choice if you are looking for Leh Ladakh Bike. You could blindly rely on this as it had enough power to pull you up from any ascent, but any bike with a good cc engine will be enough to pull you out from those terrains, but there is one major problem with these bikes, Since Royal Enfield does not offer them with Tubeless tires there are a very high changes of having flat tires in the middle of nowhere so we would highly recommend to have a puncture repair kit and have a DIY session before planning your trip to Leh Ladakh as it is very easy to DIY on Royal Enfield Motorcycles.


Thunderbird 500

With the Same Engine as Royal Enfield Classic 500 we have Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500, both the bikes have different designs as per looks but both are equipped with the same engine but Thunderbird is more comfortable due to its sitting position as compared to Classic Since it is a Cruiser motorcycle but You would be more comfortable to pull Classic from the water crossings and bad patches . So it’s you who has to decide the best. the newly launched Royal Enfield Thunderbird X is more preferred for Urban Riding but still, with a 20-liter fuel tank, it will not stop you in between the route.


Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a more preferred choice nowadays by the riders as it is designed for Off Roading by the Royal Enfield Engineers, Royal Enfield is an adventure touring motorcycle that is very easily available in Leh Ladakh with an expense of few extra bucks as compared to Royal Enfield Bullet and Royal Enfield Classic , There were few issues experienced by the riders who first purchased Royal Enfield Thunderbird due to which its production was stopped and is now relaunched with 411 cc EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection Engine) which is enough power to make your trip Leh Ladakh trip with this Himalayan bike.

Please watch the video below to see the offroading Capabilities of Royal Enfield Himalayan


KTM Duke 390

Designed and Manufactured as a Racing Machine with ultimate power but these days KTM Duke is extensively used for Leh Ladakh tour , Nowadays KTM is trending as it has a good power and speed , the advantage of KTM over Royal Enfield is that KTM offers tubeless tires which makes your job even easier and less time to consume with minimum risk if you are a solo rider to Leh Ladakh, it is mostly recommended to go with KTM Duke 390 because There are few places/passes where even bullet 350 dies so any bike whose cc is more than 350 would do good. If you don’t want to get into any maintenance problem and just reach Leh Ladakh then we would suggest KTM Duke 390 as it has tubeless tires so no worries and a good services KTM will definitely make it through those passes.


Bajaj Dominar

Designed with a 400 cc engine as a power cruiser this motorcycle is well equipped with the technology and mechanics to push you through those mountains to reach the highest motorable road in the World , Nowadays riders are opting for Adventurous journeys with Dominar, This is one of the best production motorcycles by Bajaj so far and if you are planning a road trip to Leh Ladakh then just go for it without any second thoughts .


Bajaj Avenger

If you are looking for a cheap rented motorcycle to travel Ladakh then you could opt for Bajaj Avenger , Since it is a cruiser motorcycle its sitting position will provide you support and comfort during the Ladakh trip on avenger but the only drawback of this bike is its low ground clearance which will make it extremely difficult to cross the water crossings that arrive in the middle of the way.


Triumph Tiger

Now let’s go up in the price mark and power – obviously the more you spend the more you get, doing off-roading on a Triumph Tiger is like feeding a baby , Triumph Tiger makes it so smooth with the riding modes that nowadays people are mostly preferring Triumph Tiger to Take these adventurous journeys, Distance is not an issues if you are riding on a Triumph Tiger , Triumph Tiger comes in an adventure touring motorcycle segment and as its growing its market in India more and more riders are taking journey to Leh Ladakh on Triumph Tiger 800 .


Kawasaki VersysSimilar is the segment to the Triumph Tiger Kawasaki Versys is a very comfortable Touring Machine that makes your Leh Ladakh Journey as simple as possible due to its very comfortable design, the Height and Weight ratio of this bike is absolutely incredible, although Kawasaki Versys is not found much in Leh Ladakh, but the one who traveled to Leh Ladakh with their Kawasaki Versys knows its importance, where many people quit after exploring Ladakh at the Time of Return , Versys and Tiger stands still to give you enough energy and fuel economy to travel back to Manali via Leh – Manali Highway, What could be better than this! 

BMW GS 1200

BMW R 1200 GS

Last but not the least in our list is the King of all where touring and adventure is concerned but with an expense of 19.5 Lakhs on a Motorcycle , BMW GS 1200 is undoubtedly the best not just for Leh Ladakh but for any trip any where in the world, With BMW GS you could travel the Entire World referred to as One Ride the bike has that potential but the real potential as we said earlier is all dependent upon you so again you need to be as fit as you can and as mentally prepared as required, because the experience of Leh Ladakh Trip is different for everybody it depends on how you make your Ladakh trip memorable for you for your Lifetime.

Other Recommendation for Leh Ladakh Expedition

Bajaj Pulsar was one of the most trending bikes to sell in the Indian Market that offered urban riders with Racing Style Motorcycle , If you opt for Bajaj Pulsar 220 or RS 200 these two variants are good in performance and will be more reliable for your ride in Leh Ladakh as compared to other bikes in the 200 cc segment .

Pulsar NS 200

This blog only contains the list of top 10 Best Bikes for Ladakh Trip but that doesn’t mean that only these bikes are the only choice there are other motorcycle brands and models like TVS Apache, Hero Impulse, Honda CBR and more but ultimately its you who needs to decide which bike you own, what is the service condition and history , if an upgrade is required or not and more.
So ultimately what most important is to be happy, enjoy your journey, go there Happy and Come Back Happy!

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