//The best way to travel from delhi to agra
Best way to travel from Delhi to Agra

The best way to travel from delhi to agra

The Best way to Travel from Delhi to Agra: Agra is a very famous city in India that needs no introduction due to one of the seven wonders of the world “Taj Mahal” and many other epic monuments and a history that is attached to it. Every year more than 8 million tourists are attracted by “Taj Mahal” with more than 0.8 tourists visit Agra from overseas.

The best thing to visit Agra is that it is open to visit all seasons and many young couples,families and group of friends likes to visit Agra to explore the symbol of true love none other than Taj Mahal. 

If you are planning a weekend getaway trip from New Delhi to Agra then here you will get to know about the best way to travel from Delhi to Agra.


The best way to travel from Delhi to Agra is by road. You could plan your journey either by your car or motorcycle.

If you want to travel to Agra from the shortest distance possible then you could choose the best route through “Yamuna Expressway” which is a straight 6 lane highway that extends straight to Agra from Greater Noida. 

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The overall distance of this journey is 211 km from Delhi which could approximately take you 3 hours 15 minutes to reach from Delhi to Agra on the safer speeds.

Yamuna Expressway

Another route to reach Agra from Delhi is to take the Mathura Road to reach Faridabad after which you will connect straight to Taj Express Highway to reach Agra from Delhi which is 216 km of journey that will take you 30 minutes extra as compared to Yamuna Expressway from Greater Noida that also depends on the traffic conditions. 

If we talk about the road conditions then Yamuna Expressway is a very well constructed road but it is a cemented road therefore the recommended speed to drive on this road is 80 – 100 km/hr, if you go beyond this limit then there are chances of tire burst due to which many accidents happen every year on this highway. 

If you are planning a road trip to Agra from Delhi then it is recommended to start your journey early in the morning during sunrise to reach Agra in the next 3 hours during the day time to start exploring the city within the same day and return to Delhi the same day otherwise if you wish to stay there for one day then you could explore other popular places in Agra like Fatehpur Sikri, Old Fort and many more destinations. 

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It is highly recommended that you avoid driving on riding on Yamuna Expressway in the night time as there are higher chances of accidents due to limited visibility and also there are wild animals like “Neil Cows” that could arrive in the middle of the road while riding or driving also If it is winter time even then you have to take the precise measures to drive safely on this road as due to fog there are higher chances of road accidents on this highway. 

delhi to agra ride

Delhi to Agra Expressway ( Yamuna Expressway ) has 3 toll plazas which is applicable for both cars and motorcycles, in between you will find a couple of restaurants where you could have meals on the way and use the washroom facilities. 

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Otherwise if you don’t want to drive on your own in that case you could travel from Delhi to Agra by bus. Daily buses are available from Greater Noida to Agra via Yamuna Expressway. 



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