how to reach ladakh by road from manali


HOW TO REACH LADAKH FROM MANALI BY ROAD – If you wish to travel to the Himalayas then there is no better place than Ladakh, Here you will explore the beauty of nature that you will see nowhere other than Ladakh in India moreover If you like adventure and road trips then I am sure “Ladakh” would be the destination in your travel list.  

You could reach Ladakh either by road or airways but this article is for those who wish to reach ladakh by road.

Many travel enthusiast are curious to experience one of the greatest adventures in their lifetime and for those who want to experience the best of adventure road trip then you could do your Ladakh trip from  delhi to ladakh by road via Manali route or if you are in Ladakh then you could return from Leh Ladakh via Manali route.

In this article we have created an itinerary for you to Return or Reach Ladakh from Manali by road    

Before we proceed further let me share a word of caution , as this is one of the dangerous roads we request you to kindly prepare in advance mentally as well as physically to take this challenge, also we don’t recommend you to travel solo on this route.

Be prepared in advance and you should have all the necessary accessories and tools in case of any breakdown, So Let’s begin

To explore Ladakh and its beauty you should plan your road trip by taking at least 14 days holidays if you are going there by road. Remember this is not a trip that you will do much often therefore if you want to plan your journey to Ladakh then we recommend you to explore each and every bit of that place.

If you start your Journey from Delhi then Till Chandigarh the route is the same, after that you have two options either you could visit Srinagar Leh Highway route to reach Ladakh or choose Manali Leh Highway via Rohtang Pass to reach Ladakh by road.

If you are going to Ladakh by road for the very first time then we recommend you to visit through Jammu – “Srinagar Leh Highway” as you will find it more convenient with good road conditions as compared to Manali Leh Highway which is comparatively challenging but more beautiful the choice is yours but if you really want to experience adventure and challenges then here you will get to know “How to Reach Ladakh from Manali by road ?”

we have designed this itinerary keeping in mind that you have at least 2 weeks for the entire journey but if you have a lesser number of days then you could contact us to design your itinerary accordingly.


The first day of your road trip would be very exciting, full of energy and fun, Whether you are going there by your car or motorcycle the first day target should be to reach Manali which is 531 km from Delhi and if you don’t stop much in between you will reach there within 14 hours on the safer speeds.

Here we recommend you to start your journey as early as possible so that you reach there safely and avoid night riding if possible because if you are not very experienced in riding or driving on the mountains you could face challenges during the night time riding on the mountains.

Pre book the Hotel in advance and take rest and enjoy your evening in Manali.


Manali is one of the romantic and favourite destinations among the youth in India, here young couples, college groups and friends, families, travel enthusiasts, international travelers, and more appear every year for travel and during the peak season it is full of crowd.

To re-energise yourself you could spend one entire day in Manali visit the Mall road for shopping and food also if you have some time left then visit “Old Manali” to explore and capture some nice moments in your camera to share with the entire world on Social Media.

But apart from Local Travel in Manali make this day useful because the next day could be challenging and you need to be prepared if anything is left then get it purchased from here as you may or may not find it during the rest of your journey.


If you are young and energetic then you could do Manali to Leh on bike in one day but if you are with your entire family or with people who are middle aged then you could stop in the middle where you find places to stay in Sarchu or above.

Now let’s brief you with the road trip itinerary from Manali to Ladakh by bike or car

At first you need to visit Rohtang Pass from Manali which is just around 50 km and you will find a sudden drop in temperature as compared to manali so be prepared with warm clothing as now you will start climbing the higher altitudes.

For reference kindly follow this route itinerary map

Manali to Rohtang Pass (3979m)

Rohtang Pass to Keylong (3080m)

Keylong to Jispa (3200m)

Jispa to Baralacha la ( 4890m)

Baralacha la to Sarchu (4290m)

Sarchu to Pang (4270m)

Pang to Lachulung la (5070m)

Lachulung la to Tanglang la (5360m) – World’s Second Highest Motorable Road

Tanglang la to Upshi (3600m)

Upshi to Leh ( 3500m)

The Manali to Leh distance in km by road is 535 km till Leh Airport .

We wish your journey to be enjoyable and happening but it would be one of the most challenging journey that one could attempt in the lifetime, here you will cross one of the highest motorable passes in the world.

As you proceed towards Ladakh from Manali you will find very beautiful Landscapes on the way that resembles “Grand Canyon”.




Even if Manali to Ladakh distance by bike or car is the same but you will find your car to be a more comfortable option to reach Ladakh by road.

Just before 50 kilometers of reaching Leh you will find a straight road and it seems that you just entered into another world, It’s such an open space around you that find yourself flying in the air if you visit Manali to Ladakh by bike, On the way you will find the monasteries like “Thiksey Monastery” and more you could visit during your journey.

After you reach Ladakh by road you will experience a joy of wonderful four days of fun and adventure but this is just a beginning my dear friend, now you need to simply get a hotel room to relax because now the real journey will start.

You should spend at least one day in Leh to acclimate yourself due to high altitude. Get a medical consultation if you don’t feel well. Moreover, since it is a dry place try to hydrate yourself with water and ORS as much as possible.

For shopping and food, you could walk towards the main market in Leh and you will not find yourself to be in an isolated place, nowadays it is full of crowd and you will explore the local culture, food and nearby places to visit.

I hope you find this article helpful, Please do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.

We would appreciate if you have any suggestions to add in this road trip itinerary. If you like this post then kindly share it with your friends and get ready to plan your Ladakh road trip.

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