//How to Plan a Trip to Czech Republic
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How to Plan a Trip to Czech Republic

Are you planning a trip to the Prague Czech Republic? Interesting!

Now you could grab a cup of tea or coffee and relax because here we will be going to discover some interesting facts about Prague , As you know Prague is a capital city of Czech Republic in Europe which has a couple of very beautiful cities to travel like Riga, Bergen, Innsbruck Dubrovnik and more but Prague travel is considered to be at the top of the list, as there is not just one but many reasons to visit Prague ! That we will be going to explore here one by one

So let’s begin ;


People from all over the world want to visit Prague because of it’s rich heritage and actual deep culture that you can only explore when you visit here :

Prague will take you to the ancient times in the past when the city was struggling The World War and the people here had to suffer a lot that you will come to know when you will start exploring the Czech Republic and when you will return you will carry a lot of unforgettable memories,

prague czech republicHere we are helping you to make you aware of Prague so that you don’t miss out any valuable experience.

Currently, Prague is a home to a number of famous cultural attractions like Numerous Impeccable Castles, Old town square with the Prague Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge, The Jewish Quarter, and many others

Prague has always been a cultural, political and economic center of central Europe with a selfsame rich and iconic history 



Why we are focusing more on the Czech Republic here is because Czech is the official language of Prague! So what if you don’t know the language?

At this point, you don’t need to worry because Prague is full of bilingual and multilingual people and the best part is almost everyone knows and speaks English.

So if you need to have something then you could simply ask for help to locals in Prague as People in Prague are very helpful.

You could easily find a variety of hotels and youth hostels , So if you like to have something poise, go for the Palaces or Hotels, but if you want to explore different shades of Prague, we recommend you to check in to the hostels as you could collaborate with new people and travel groups of tourists from around the world . Here even if you check online you will find the prices of the hostels and hotels. Well, not as cheap as your home country like if you are from India but as compared to any other international trip like to the United States of America or the United Kingdom it’s comparatively cheap So as soon as you book the hotel, the better deal you’ll get.

To give you a brief idea about the currency exchange

    • 1 Czech Koruna equals 3.29 Indian Rupee
  • 1 Czech Koruna equals 0.045 United States Dollar

Prague the capital city of the Czech Republic could be considered as a less expensive destination if compared to other European cities but it is definitely not pocket-friendly. Here One Euro is equivalent to 25 CSK due to which food, drinks, accommodation, transportation and entry fees are comparatively cheap as compared to other cities in Europe.

What else do you need on international travel if you get food, drinks, and accommodation for such an affordable price in the capital city of the Czech Republic?

If you are a vegetarian foodie you might get disappointed as you might not find a much vegetarian variety to eat over here.

Desserts !!

If you like Desserts then you definitely can’t miss

  • Trdelnik with Ice Cream

It is very hard to describe the texture of the dessert as it is simply amazing and this is one of the best desserts that you could have in Europe, It is best in combination with a bit warm base and cold ice cream.

  • Palacinky

Another sweet snack you will find roadside, It belongs to the Pancake family but with the different origin of taste. It is ideally served with Power sugars, nuts, fruits, and jam but there are many other stuffings available like Nutella, Meat, Cheese etc.


czech republic

If you are planning a trip to the Prague Czech Republic! You will find this place amazingly organized in terms of connectivity, The Prague city itself has an international airport, a very impressive train and bus stations which are well connected to all the major cities in Europe.

To travel in Prague we recommend you to take an overnight bus from Frankfurt to reach Prague and the best part is that you don’t need to put in extra efforts because both bus and train stations right within the city center so it makes very convenient to reach any part in the city easily.

Public transportation and services are also cheap in price and great, all the major tourist attractions and areas are well connected with metro, trains, and buses.

One could buy a 1 day or 2 days or up to one month pass in one go and could enjoy the unlimited ride for 24 hours in the whole city with any mode of public transport, Impressive right.


party in prague czech republic

If you love to enjoy nightlife then Prague is the right place for you ! as you will find a heaven of flavored liquids as the city is very famous for its great quality of beers (Note: Alcohol is injurious to Health ) and amazing party places, pubs, and clubs. Beer is the pride for the natives in Prague and is known as a National Drink here as it is even cheaper than water in most places.

They offer a special coupon with which you could crawl in 4 to 5 pubs with unlimited drinks, for 18+ adults here you will also find famous strip clubs and special treatment clubs if you are into that stuff, Wink!

All these things together make Prague the 5th most visited city in Europe and it has almost everything for every age group. We surely recommend you to visit this wonderful city

prague europe

Here are some of the things that you need to take care while on a route, You need to be careful with scammers especially when you exchange the currency always choose and exchange currency with authorized agencies and always take care of your personal belongings and in a crowded place.

Soon we will cover the best places that you could visit and Prague.

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