It’s always believed and recommended to always wear a helmet for the safety of the two-wheeler rider as well as pillion as nothing is important than Life! but recently The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways issued a notice which states that Helmet’s companies will not be allowed to manufacture, sell or even stock the Helmets of the Two-wheeler Automobiles which does not live up to the standards certified by the ISI.

To know about the ISI mark well ISI mark is a certification mark for industrial products in India. The name ISI is an abbreviation of Indian Standards Institute formerly known as Bureau of Indian Standards. The ISI mark is a seal of trust in general for the consumers in India with which a quality of the products is defined, if any product is marked with an ISI label then the consumers should be ensured of the quality of the product.

With this initiative our Indian Government is taking one major step ahead to ensure the safety of the Indian motorcycle riders, but there is also another aspect to it , As per the Government orders, The Companies, manufacturers and even the end consumers if found in the sale and purchase and using the Non ISI Certified Helmet will be liable to be arrested without warrant and the penalty for the first time offense will be sentenced to jail for two years or a fine of INR 2 lakhs or both .

This notification is released just after the two weeks of the release of Helmet Standards that was Introduced by [BIS] Bureau of Indian Standards.

As per the newly defined standards, the new helmets have to weigh less than or equal to 1.2 kilograms as opposed to the current standard which weighs 1.5 kilograms. Along with the series of new tests that are involved in every helmet in the process of product lifecycle development.

The new tests will involve

  • New impact absorption tests
  • Side impact simulations under different temperature and humidity conditions
  • And other tests which involve abrasion tests, retention effectiveness and other related tests, for considering the overall safety of the riders.

With this initiative, this is confirmed that India will soon get rid of the cheap quality helmets, and will ensure the overall quality, safety for the motorcycle riders. But on the other hand, the high-quality helmets might not be pocket-friendly for the majority of motorcycle commuters in India.

What do you think about this initiative the Government considering the safety concerns of the motorcyclists, Please do mention down in the comment section below and share your thoughts.