In India, Goa is one of the finest Holiday Destination that one could ever visit in his Lifetime, and definitely, the Culture, Lifestyle, Parties, and Places to visit in Goa is so unique as compared to other states in India, that people really want to visit here again and again. There could be many reasons to visit Goa, and truly “If you have never been to Goa, that means you have never been to Goa” reason being you could hear about the experience of Goa from your friends, family, relatives, and others but visiting Goa is definitely more than just imagination. Holiday explored here is one of the most memorable experiences of anyone’s life Here we bring you here TOP 5 Must Do Activities in Goa, that you should never miss making your Holiday a complete and memorable.

So Let’s Explore the Must Do Activities in Goa one by one here:-


women on the beach

If you are planning to visit Goa first time or might have visited here earlier then definitely you simply can’t ignore the pristine beaches in Goa, Visiting Beaches in Goa and relax is a Must Do Activities in Goa.

People from all over the world visit here to enjoy the beaches in Goa, and during the peak season, Especially Winters during New Year’s Goa is filled with Crowd composed of either College Student’s, Bachelor ’s, Couples, Businessman etc. There are plenty of Beaches in Goa and every beach is perfect for a particular mood.

Take the Sun Bath and relax with the Chilled Beer in hand. Goa has one of the Best Beaches in India that one should never miss, The Beaches in North Goa are the limelight with plenty of crowds during the season, on the other hand, you will experience peace on the Beaches of South Goa which are certainly less crowded. Some of the Best Beaches in North Goa are Baga Beach, Calangute, Anjuna which is considered as the best beaches to visit in North Goa while in South Goa near the Majorda town Arossim Beach and Utorda Beach are the best beaches.



Jet Ski

Fun without Adventure is limited fun , Life is certainly incomplete if Water Sports Activities are not performed if you visit Goa, Its safe under the supervision of the highly trained trainers, If you visit Goa then you should make your journey memorable on the Beaches by attempting the water sports activities at first you could ride Jet Ski (Water Scooter ) it’s very easily available on rent , Imagine how it feels to ride jet ski over water at a significant speed .

Once you attempt a Jetski ride after that I am pretty sure that you will be ready and motivated to attempt other Activities and ready for other challenges. Watch the Beach from the Sky with a Birdseye view performing Parasailing, and if you are looking for more adventure then Falling from the Banana Boat is the best adventurous watersport activity known as Banana Ride. Also, you could explore the underwater life by doing Scuba Diving. If you visit Goa then Performing Water Sports Activities is the Must Do Activities in Goa especially if you are a Bachelor.



Goa is one of the Best Party Destinations in India, Considered as India’s Party Capital , and if you a food lover then you could expect one of the best seafood and cuisines available in Goa,If you are Bachelor then you could have the best time of your life here Partying with your friends, Enjoy the Parties in the Goa’s Best Night Clubs, Grab your Drinks and ready to hit the Dance Floor, During the Best Season DJ’s from all over the world Collaborate here to make the Party Night Rocking , You could explore the Best of Nightlife experience here in Goa due to which it becomes the destination that could not be crossed from your list of travel destinations at first it’s a wish , at second an urge and thereafter it becomes a tradition there Parties and Clubs is the Must Do Activities in Goa.


roulette casinos

The truth is whether you win or lose you have to enjoy each and every moment of your life and out of the Must Do Activities in Goa, You should roll the dice and test your luck at the GOA Casinos , Like any other Hollywood movies you could try the Slot Machines, be in a shuffle cards game or you could bet in a roulette game and test your luck and have the best time in Goa experiencing Casinos.




Goa inspired by the Portuguese culture has one of the best archaeological sites and forts to visit for the sightseeing, You could visit Chapora Fort which is one of the best places in Goa to visit with Friends, and is also featured in one of the best blockbuster movies of Bollywood “Dil Chahta Hai” due to which many tourist visits this place, hike and experience the sunset . The Fort is famous for its rich culture and old age history and if you are ready with your camera’s then you could capture the best moments here in Goa Sightseeing similarly there are other very amazing sites like Aguada Fort also Goa is very famous for its shopping  , You could shop the best of Clothing and other stuff in Goa which makes it a Must Do Activity in Goa that one should never miss.

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