//How to reach from mcleodganj to triund trek?

How to reach from mcleodganj to triund trek?

If you want to know How to Reach from Mcleodganj to Triund, then keep reading as here we are going to share a full guide for Triund Trek!

As you may know, “Trekking is an experience that is surely blissful, challenging and there is no doubt why it has gained so much popularity among the Youth these days. Trekking is a combination of hiking and walking on defined or undefined trails through nature and unlike other adventure activities, you don’t have to spend a dime.

So If you are searching for one of the best destinations in India for Trek then Triund trek is one of the main attraction of Dharamshala (Situated in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, India) and is situated 10 Km from Mcleodganj.

To reach from Mcleodganj to Triund first you have to visit Dharamshala city via road, train or flight. If you want to know “HOW TO REACH FROM DELHI TO DHARAMSHALA” click here

Once you reach Dharamshala we recommend you to stay for at least one day and explore nearby attractions like “Cricket Stadium”, ” Church” etc. You can check out and leave for Mcleoganj the next day which is just 10 km away from the Dharamshala city and will not take you more than half an hour to reach there if you have your own car or motorcycle, Otherwise, you could also hire a cab.


Although Triund Trek is considered a Beginner’s level trek and is easy for those who are experienced in trekking or have a good fitness level. It might be challenging for those who are doing it for the first time, therefore, you need to prepare well before you start your trek.


If you are going there for the first time then it will surely test your patience, willpower, stamina and overall fitness. For people who aren’t into fitness, we recommend you to start training and strengthening your leg muscles by cycling, running or lifting weights at least a week before you travel. Your patience and willpower will also be tested along the way and to you have to keep yourself mentally strong by knowing and believing that reaching the top will be worthwhile.


While preparing your backpack you should keep in mind – Carry only the necessary items that are required and keep the weight as light as possible as carrying extra weight will only make your trek more challenging.

Here you should carry

  • Warm Clothing – Sweater, Jacket, Woolen Socks, Cap, and Gloves.
  • Food and Snacks – Keep some Energy bars, Fruits and Nuts, because it will take 5 to 6 hours to reach Triund Peak. 
  • Water and Juice – It will keep you hydrated and maintain your energy level. 
  • Tent and Sleeping Bag – Only if you don’t want to rent a camp.
  • Bluetooth Speaker – Enjoy Music on the go.
  • LED Rechargeable Lights.

Don’t worry if you forget to carry any necessary food supplies as after every 500 meters or so you will find a cafe for quick snacks and water but the price is higher than the regular price.  


From Mcleodganj there are two routes that lead to Triund,

  •  Gallu Devi Temple via Dharamkot – Gallu Devi temple is the starting point for Triund Trek and last point where you could park your vehicle. From Dharamkot to Gallu Devi temple, you can either walk to Gallu Devi temple which is 4 Km from Dharamkot which we did, or you can hire Taxi to Gallu Point and start the trek. The road which leads to Gallu Devi temple was narrow and had bad patches. To give you a perspective, there were mostly Maruti Suzuki Alto’s and Mahindra Bolero’s as taxi, basically cars that are smaller in footprint because it is difficult for bigger cars to cross each other’s path on this narrow terrain, So,  if you are planning to reach by your own car keep this in mind.
  • Gallu Devi Temple Via Bhagsu Nag Fall – This route does not have a well-defined trail and is not followed by the majority of people. It is comparatively difficult but it is more beautiful as it involves more vegetation and better natural scenes, midway you will also find popular Shiva Cafe where you can enjoy a variety of cuisines, including Italian and Chinese along with hookahs. This route will take you to Gallu Devi temple and is comparatively shorter than the Dharamkot route.


We started our trek at 10.00  AM and reached Start Point in 40 Minutes and the way up till there was an inclined road along which we walked. Upon reaching Gallu Point we encountered a lot of people because this was the initial point of the trek. You can take a break and have some snacks and tea here, you can also purchase stuff like Walking Pole, Torch, Gloves and even book your tent in advance from Shop named “Rest A While” right next to the temple.

TriundAfter having tea, we moved ahead and found out that we had to register our names before starting the trek for safety reasons. They will also ask you about the number of wrappers and bottles that you are carrying, Will advice you not to throw waste anywhere on the trek and to bring back the waste with you. There was a board Stating that “Alcohol is Banned” but since there were no specific bag checks, you can sneak in alcohol if you want. After all this, we proceeded further and started the main trek to Triund.

Gallu Point to Triund Peak is 10 Km and we started our trek with a lot of energy and enthusiasm. As we climbed ahead we noticed Stepped rocks and Stones started appearing more often. We met a group people who were descending from the Triund peak and upon asking they defined their experience as marvelous, they also suggested us to stay the night and witness Sunset and Sunrise from the top and to get down next morning.

We continued climbing and were about to reach half point and so far the view was great, with beautiful Kangra valley on our right and mountain with vegetation on our left. We reached half point cafe which took us 1.5 hours, it was moderately challenging until now, it was about to get more challenging and the last 2 Kms had 22 Curves with greater difficulty.

We had Maggi, bought water and continued again, route ahead the half point seemed more challenging because of higher altitude and stepper rocks, our thighs were in pain but the determination to reach the top was so high that we refused to give up. With few breaks in between, we were about to reach the top and it felt great knowing that. As we reached Triund Peak we felt a sense of achievement for completing the trek which was not easy, at least for us who left fitness regime years ago.

The view from the top was amazing, we could see the massive Dhauladhar mountain range up close and some of those mountains were even covered with snow. We had to rent a tent to stay the night, so we contacted one of the cafe owners, as cafes and shops here provide the tents on rent for Rs 500 per head in which sleeping bag and quilt are included. With this off our chest, we could now simply enjoy the view, weather and click some photographs.

Triund SunriseIt felt great sitting and interacting with other tourists while enjoying the beautiful scenes. After all the enjoyment, Sun was about to set and we were keen to witness, It was an amazing experience. 

Triund Trek Weather could change within minutes and the temperature could drop down suddenly, You should carry raincoats and woolen clothes to protect yourself from Cold and Rain, During the Nighttime, the Temperature could go down up to  -1* Celcius.




To your surprise Triund is not the end, in fact, you could plan more days of trekking from here if you want to. Famous trek from Triund is Moon Peak, Indrahar Pass, and Snow Line. Snowline trek is 3 hours more from Triund and the view is better than Triund if you have time then you can get to the snowline, enjoy the view and then come all the way down.

Triund act as a starting point for the Indrahar Pass trek which is 14 Km away from Triund and according to your itinerary, it might take 3 to 5 days more to reach Indrahar Pass. We recommend you to go through a company that organizes trekking events and provides a guide if you are planning to do Indrahar Pass trek.

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