KTM Orange Ride


Every individual wish to ride a motorcycle for pleasure riding at some point in their life and if you ever get a chance to ride with professionals then How could you miss this golden opportunities, with the increase in the number of motorcycle enthusiasts the motorcycle companies occasionally introduce a ride where riders get exposure to ride along with other riders to build friendships and enjoy their weekends to fulfill their desire for riding, therefore today we have for you the even organized by KTM India.

This time KTM introduced its ORANGE DAY RIDE in Delhi/NCR which happened on 18th March 2018, the Flag off time was at 7:00 am early morning from Noida Sector 18, Uttar Pradesh all the way to The Recycle Cafe, Manesar Gurugram for the total to-n-fro distance of 120 km, What’s the best part was that more than 3 dozens of KTM’s duke and RC 390 were in a row, there were more than 30 riders on the street riding together in a formation which appealed to the daily commuters on the way, people were making videos taking photographs, and that showed the power of unity and style of these motorcycles.

At 7:00 AM IST Riders started accumulating at the showroom venue Noida Sector 18 early morning at 7:00 am IST, one after the other we could hear the sound of the exhaust and every time there was a curiosity to expect more riders, before beginning for the ride every rider needs to fill an undertaking form.


In this undertaking form you need to mention your contact details, blood group and emergency contact in case of an emergency, the next thing is that all the riders were on the mark for the Flag-Off and that build the curiosity, before the flag off when all the Exhaust sound spread together so you could imagine how the excitement would be at that moment.

After the Flag-Off when we start the ride we all were riding in the formation and maintaining a speed of 60-70 km/hr on the city roads raising the KTM Flag and wearing the KTM Racing Tshirts spreading the KTM logo everywhere, the teenagers on the road were curious to follow us but even the riders were concerned about their safety so all were maintaining the safe distances from other people on the way.

It’s not just about KTM group it’s about the riding community at Unity, in the group, there were not just KTM’s even Kawasaki Ninja & Royal Enfield’s were riding that shows that we all have to unite and show respect to each other, that builds trust and support.

The Highway near the IGI Airport was the place where KTM’s show their real power, The KTM build for racing was super fast and it was very difficult to chase KTM’s at that time, the throttle response of RC390 and Duke390 is such that it left everything behind, and the ride was absolutely amazing. Three km before the Cafe, the Bikes were arranged in an order on the flyover for the photo shoot and after refuel we all went together to reach the Cafe.

The Recycle Cafe is in the middle of the Gurugram-Jaipur Highway which is typically meant for the riders, this is the best place for the riders get together and meet-ups, after reaching the cafe the entire place was filled with KTM Bikes and KTM Riders, and few Suzuki Hayabusa Superbikes just left from there.

KTM sponsored the morning breakfast for all the riders with sandwiches, Indian pakoras, beverages and Paratha’s with pickle and Raita a complete package of morning breakfast, it was the time to relax, have some photoshoot, meet and discuss with the other riders about their riding experience, make new friends and much more. with an urban style ambiance and latest music, this place is recommended to be a must if you are a rider.

The best thing about this ride was that riders were ensured about their safety because we also had an ambulance in case of an emergency also even other riders were riding with maturity following the traffic rules, waiting for other riders and guiding along the way.

Hats-off to KTM team for organizing this Event, and if your friend is busy this weekend to fit for the ride make new friends at a new place, kindly look for these lovely events organized by these motorcycle companies and you will definitely get an exposure to ride with safety and will definitely acquire new skills.

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