//How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money
How to start a travel blog and make money online

How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money

Do you want to know how to start a travel blog and make money? If yes, so you are in the right place. Above all, we all want to earn money for a living but we choose different methods and lifestyles to earn money. Some of us work 9 to 5 in an office and some of us do our business.

Whether you do a job or a business one common thing that we all want is freedom! For me Travel is Ultimate Freedom and If you are passionate about travel so why not take this opportunity to earn money.

What could be the best thing in life other than to do what you really love !

In this guide, I will teach you step by step on how to start a travel blog and make money so whether you want to pursue it part time or full time so you could get started easily within a day without any second thoughts in mind.

So before we get started I would like you to make up your mind and think of it as a serious business.

If you start your own business so in the initial stages you might not see significant growth but still you need to invest your time and money to make it grow in the future. Similarly,

Travel Blogging is also a serious business and even here you need to invest your time, energy, and money to finally reap the fruits of success from your blog.

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Things You Need To Start a Travel Blog

If you want to start a travel blog and make money so you need to start with a little investment to purchase the essential ingredients to start a blog.

To save your time and efforts I have listed all the essential things you need to start a travel blog;

With this your website will be up and running very soon and I will help you on how to start a travel blog and make money step by step.

Mindset For Travel Blogging

First of all you need to understand that the “Travel Blogging” approach is different from other blogging styles. 

It is a very vast concept as there are unlimited places to travel. Everyone has a different experience of traveling so that’s why although it is a competitive field still if you are able to gain your audience trust so definitely you will grow as a travel blogger. 

SiteGround Web Hosting

As a Travel Blogger you could do so many things like sharing your travel experiences, write reviews about hotels, flights, restaurants and more, organise travel events, promote travel goods and services, create travel guides and itineraries, write for other travel websites and more. 

If you take travel blogging seriously then you could explore a lot of opportunities in this field so at first you need to create a strong mindset and if you were able to survive the initial failure only then you could succeed in this field if you are passionate and love to travel.

Start a Travel Blog

If you want to make money as a travel blogger so you need to first start a travel blog.

So in this guide, I will teach you step by step on how to start a travel blog and make money. 

Firstly, You need to purchase a perfect domain name for your travel blog. As I said earlier, think of it as a full time business and every business needs branding so that people could recall its presence.

In a similar way, you need to think about its branding and so you need to have a brand name that people could search instantly to reach you. 

To choose a perfect name you need to think of several different names that first come to your mind when you think about your blog and list it down in your notepad, then start making perfect combinations of those keywords to finally come up with the name that you think looks perfect for your blog. 

You could make use of Bluehost Domain Suggestion Feature if you want to choose a perfect domain name for your travel blog.

A perfect domain name should not be too long and it should contain keywords that clearly define your business in this case travel.

Choose Web Hosting For Your Travel Blog

Once you have a perfect domain name for your travel blog then the next step is to purchase a web hosting service.

If you are searching for the best WordPress hosting for beginners so I would recommend either go for BlueHost or SiteGround web hosting service. 

hese web hosting services are most affordable and you could get started with as low as $3.95/month. 

A good web hosting is essential if you want to rank your website in search engines to get more traffic. Otherwise, if you choose a cheap web hosting service then you might get started but later you will experience that your website will stop working and you might face a lot of issues. 

Best Web Hosting For Travel Blogs

Due to which the consequence would be that your rankings will collapse in the Google Search Rankings and you will hardly get any traffic from Organic Search Results and If you run paid campaigns on your website all your money will go waste if your website experiences downtime. 

With SiteGround you will get approximately 99% uptime guarantee. This is the perfect web hosting service for Travel Bloggers as it is also recommended by WordPress.org. 

To get started you need to visit SiteGround.com and Choose the Perfect Plan according to your budget. Once you purchase your domain and Web hosting so you could simply interlink them to get started.

Later you need to Install WordPress on your Hosting which is just a few clicks process. If you need help to set up WordPress so you could get in touch with SiteGround Support Team

This way your Travel Blog will set up completely and will be live. In addition, If you need help to create your blog so you could get in touch with “Inspireon Digital Services”.

Ways To Make Money From Your Travel Blog

Now comes the most interesting thing which you might be curious to know “how to make money as a travel blogger?” 

Since you are putting so much effort into starting a travel blog and investing your time and money so we need to know how we can generate ROI from it. You can do so many things as a Travel Blogger in the similar way you could also generate different sources of income through your blog. 

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Once you start your Travel Blog so you need to start building your audience by writing and promoting the quality posts on your blog in order to get more traffic and with more traffic your website will generate more sources of income. 

To help you get started making money online through your blog below are some of the best methods to make money online.

  • Make Money Through Google Adsense: By Placing Digital Ads on your Website you could generate more revenue from Google Adsense.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing will help you increase your online income by 3x as compared to other methods as here you will earn a commission for every qualified purchase of affiliate products and services.
  • Selling Digital Products: If you could sell your digital product like Ebook, Guides, Magazines, or Merchandise online through your website so it will result in more revenue. 
  • Start Travel Agency: As a travel blogger you could partner with the travel agency or could start selling your own travel packages through your website. This way you will start earning direct revenue from your customer. 

Recommended Travel Resources 

Mentioned below are some of the recommended online resources that might help you in your next travel. 

So I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any questions so you could feel free to contact us. 

Hi, my name is Nitish Soni and I am a Travel Blogger.