//How to reach Ladakh by Road?
How to reach ladakh by road

How to reach Ladakh by Road?

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in India, and no doubt that for those who love road trips then Leh Ladakh is one of the top destinations in their travel list, So if you are planning for a trip to Ladakh then keep reading as here we will tell you about how to reach Ladakh by road .


Here we bring you an itinerary to reach Ladakh by road from Delhi through Jammu – Srinagar – Leh Highway route.

if you are planning to visit ladakh by flight then you will reach Ladakh in the most comfortable way possible within 2 hours from Delhi, but if you want to experience each and every bit of your journey then we prefer you to take at least 12 to 14 days for entire ladakh road trip.

Now before we proceed, here we need to tell you that road trip to Ladakh is one of the most challenging and dangerous road trips that one could experience in their entire life. We are not saying this to scare you but this is a word of caution so that you prepare well in advance on the other hand you need to understand that this is not a journey that one might take each month or each year,  if you really want to explore Ladakh then take out as much buffer time as possible as there is a lot more to see there !

So whether you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle the Ladakh road trip itinerary would be same so let’s begin

So whether you are from Mumbai, Agra, Rajasthan or any other state we are keeping the starting point as Delhi for getting to Ladakh.

To reach from Delhi to Ladakh  there are two options either you could take the route towards manali or you could visit via jammu it’s up to you but in my opinion if you are visiting there for the very first time then you should go via Jammu and Srinagar as Manali to Leh Highway is very challenging for you.

If you choose Srinagar Leh Highway to first reach there from Delhi then you may come back via Manali Leh Highway to complete their entire circuit.

Ideally we have designed this itinerary based on 2 weeks or 14 days but if you have a lesser number of days then you could contact us to design your itinerary accordingly.


One day one you might be very excited and fully energetic for that if you start riding from Delhi then within 12 or 14 hours you will reach Jammu with in the safer speeds, moreover if you find 590 km to be very far for a single day then you could also book your stay in “Jalandhar (Punjab)” and start your journey the next day. Here we recommend you to start as early as possible and avoid night riding as much as possible.

Jammu , (Jammu & Kashmir )

For those who are looking for more adventure in life for them you could even go beyond jammu for next 71 km to reach and book your stay in Udhampur.

The road conditions are good and you will rarely find any bad patches as the road is all plains till Jammu.


Now you are in the J&K state and from here you need to start your journey towards Srinagar, Make this day as the most exciting day of your journey because here you will be going to entire the paradise on earth “Kashmir”. The estimated time to reach Srinagar via Jammu would be around 8 to 10 hours depending upon the conditions with a total travel distance of 300 km.

After covering 120 km from Jammu you will enter Patnitop where you will start exploring the beauty of mother nature.

Book a Hotel room, take rest and enjoy the peace on paradise on earth, and then get ready for the next day for more fun and adventure.

Here you could visit Dal lake and many other places if you like click some nice photographs and enjoy the beauty on earth. If you want you could stay there for a day but to continue with the itinerary let’s proceed further.


To reach Ladakh by road now the target for today is to reach Kargil on day third, but to extract the real joy from your journey once you explore the scenic ride through beautiful Kashmir valley you will fall in love with this place, The overall distance will be approximately 210 km with a travel time of approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Today you will explore the very beautiful Sonamarg , one of the most dangerous road to ride on Zoji La and Drass that is considered to be the world’s second coldest inhabited place and finally Kargil.

And this is when you will realise what is the importance of being an indian citizen, you will feel proud of yourself, salute to your national flag and feel how our indian soldiers sacrificed their life for our protection.


You could find affordable homestays and hotels near Kargil and the next day get ready to finally arrive at your destination – LEH LADAKH.

You will find it as if you are about to enter into a completely new world altogether, after crossing so many mountains starting after Jammu after crossing so many valleys you made your way to Ladakh, This is the moment to feel proud of yourself.

Today you will cover a total distance of 220 km with a travel time of approximately 10 to 12 hours of travel time.

On the way, you will find many attractions that will stop you to capture that moment on your camera we recommend you to check out some of the places on the way like Lamayuru Monastery, Lunar Landscapes, Mulbekh Maitrey, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, Magnetic Hills, and Indus – Zanskar Confluence at Nimmu.




After you reach Ladakh by road you will experience a joy of wonderful four days of fun and adventure but this is just a beginning my dear friend, now you need to simply get a hotel room to relax because now the real journey will start.

You should spend at least one day in Leh to acclimate yourself due to high altitude. Get a medical consultation if you don’t feel well. Moreover, since it is a dry place try to hydrate yourself with water and “ORS” as much as possible.

For shopping and food you could walk towards the main market in Leh and you will not find yourself to be in an isolated place, nowadays it is full of crowd and you will explore the local culture, food and nearby places to visit.

I hope you find this article helpful, Please do mention your thoughts in the comment section below.

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