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MOTORCYCLE ROAD TRIP – Are you preparing for a bike trip and looking for some quick preparation tips on how to prepare for a motorcycle road trip, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss the points which will help you to prepare for a motorcycle road trip. So let’s get started.

The simple travel tips could make the difference especially if you are traveling on a motorcycle between finishing a trip safely or looking back on what should have been a dream trip with dread. Being bike fit is about more than physical fitness, It’s about getting accustomed to long days in the saddle, Having said that the fitter you are the better.” 

“Sometimes if you stop in life, you can go further. Long days can leave you prone to errors” Sounds like an inspirational quote but it’s not, If you understand it deeply then it means that “If you give yourself some time to think and prepare and then take action then it is much more beneficial to make your task successful rather than taking decision in a hurry and facing problems.

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 So first and the most important tip to prepare for a motorcycle road trip 

1.) Stay fit : Nothing is more important than health its the universal truth whether you believe it or not, people now a days a more focused towards earning money, keeping their health behind but they don’t understand that if you do not take care of your health today then ultimately the money that you will earn today will drain out in the treatment of the diseases, when health is compromised. And Staying fit will not just help you to ride but will help you to do any task with ease which requires you to be physically active and moreover will let you “think better, feel better and perform better”. If you do, it will help you with endurance and recovery time after tough days. In a nutshell, fitness reduces fatigue which will help you to prepare for a motorcycle road trip. 

2.) Stretch yourself : When you’re riding any kind of distance, you’re using different muscles in action from “normal life” , Learning some stretching exercises for the neck , knees and legs especially will help you to ride for longer distances with much ease as compared to the one that will lose the stamina much earlier in the race to the destination, if you perform the stretching exercises regularly then your muscles will get adapt and will provide you more flexibility during your ride, 

3.) Mental Fitness : This is much crucial, the way you think the way you will perform, means that if you are aware, if you are prepared then you will conduct your journey successfully otherwise a ride in stress could bring unexpected results for your life, you need to concentrate harder in unfamiliar conditions which is tiring and stressful, Getting used to long days of riding helps you relax and use less mental energy. If you’re in a “state of alert” you expend a lot of mental energy and can become exhausted fast. 

4.) Stop : To stop is the best way to look and start again, So you need to stop to go further which means, Give yourself a break, to recover, Definitely don’t try to ride through a difficult patch to get it over as quickly as possible, If you do you’ll make a mistake that could be costly. 

5.) Experience : Riding is all about experience, not just the experience of the journey but the experience of each second of your life, with the help of experience a rider could try move one step ahead of what it is right now , that means take risk but calculative risk which your body, mind, and experience allows, Especially if you are following someone else as your riding experience could be very different from the other person, so definitely make your choices according to your experience. Experience riding in the rain. If you don’t you’ll tense up and use lots of energy. 

6.) Heed the warnings: If you’re riding off-road on dirt or gravel you’ll tire quickly and your arms will ache from hanging on to the bars. 

7.) Plan: How could you take an action before planning, if you do so then the possibility is that it will be unsuccessful. Do your proper research about the place where you wish to ride, plan your itinerary, most important look at the crime ratio of the particular area you need to visit. Sort the places to visit, Plan your day in advance, Allow extra time for unforeseen delays and plan for breaks too, That way you won’t feel under pressure. 

8.) Prepare: After making the plan the next step is to prepare in order to implement that plan into a reality, prepare your kit properly and choose a gear that will prevent you getting hot, cold or wet. Riding regularly in the run-up to a trip will help you assess riding kit, and you will prepare for a motorcycle road trip. 

9.) Self-Assessment: Are you tired after a big night? Are the conditions going to be tough because of flooding, snow, ice or sand? Are you stressed because you can’t find your phone? If yes, then take a step back and don’t set off when you’re feeling ready for the challenge that lies ahead.

10.) Enjoy : There could be many more tips on how to prepare for a motorcycle road trip but lets conclude this article with the last but not the least tip is to remember that you are riding because you want to ride and you want to ride because you enjoy riding, Please keep that in mind that you are doing it because you want to enjoy it rather than doing it because of pressure then what’s the purpose ? Ask yourself if you are ready for it, if not then why riding there could be many other options to enjoy. 

Here the ultimate Goal is not just letting you know on how to prepare for a motorcycle road trip but what are the necessary steps that you need to keep in mind to do any task of your life with ease and enjoy what you are doing! 

Because life is precious and it’s only once in a lifetime so handle it with care!