//How to make a living online with a Travel Blog?
Make a Living Online

How to make a living online with a Travel Blog?

Do you want to start a Travel Blog and make a living online? If yes, so you are in the right place. Here I will teach you how to make a living with a travel blog.

To make a living you either need to do a job or business where you could earn a regular income. This will help you manage your per month expenses and savings.

The reason why many people are afraid that earning a regular online income could be difficult and risky. There is no way that you will become a multi-millionaire in just one night.

Even here you need to work consistently and invest your time and money to earn a significant income and grow your brand.

Travel blogging is a challenging task and you need to invest a lot of time and money to grow. Travel blogging is a very dynamic niche because people really like freedom and want to travel the world. 

As a travel blogger, it would be your job to publish travel information. To engage your audience you can also create travel documentaries & take action to explore your products and services.

Although it looks like a hobby, travel blogging is a serious business. If you are passionate about traveling so then you could turn your hobby as a full-time career.

So without any further delay lets begin;

Start a Travel Blog

If you want to make a living online so at first you need to start a travel blog. It really doesn’t matter if you are from a technical background or a website designer.

There are very simple steps with which you could develop your blog with a single day on your own. Here is a guide that will help you to start a blog step by step ;

This will answer all your queries and will guide you step by step with the help of which you will learn to start a travel blog without the need of any coding skills. 

To give you the basic overview at first you need to purchase a domain name. A domain name is the address of your website like “www.yourdomainname.com” that people will search on the internet. 

To power your website you would also require a high-speed active server. This will run your website 24*7 so that people from around the world could visit your website.

Get the best WordPress hosting for beginners. You could either get started with Bluehost or SiteGround web hosting to start your travel blog. 

Both the web hosting services are offering exceptionally well-performing web hosting servers.

If you want the best web hosting for business so you could easily compare their plans and get started today.

Plan Your Content

If you want to become a successful travel blogger so you need to plan your content in advance. As a content creator we usually think of too many ideas and some tips we also run out of ideas.

Therefore, it’s better to plan your content in advance and schedule it so that you never run out of ideas. With this approach, you will also get time to plan your next content in advance.

One of the best ways to gather content ideas is to check what brings more traffic and money to competitors. After data analysis, we could try to create even better content than our competitors to rank higher in search rankings.

To grow your Travel Blog you need to target highly profitable keywords and start writing content based on those keywords. If you follow this approach you will eventually see your traffic chart will start increasing eventually. 

To accomplish this target you could simply make use of the SEMRush tool. This is the best tool with the help of which I find profitable keyword ideas for my blog. It really helps me to analyze my content and build strategies for the growth of my blog.

You could get started with a 7 day Pro Trial of SEMrush. It also gives you the flexibility to cancel the subscription anytime. To succeed as a travel income and generate more revenue from your blog you would definitely need a SEMrush tool.

Monetize Your Blog with Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an advertising program with the help of which advertisers pay Google to display their ads.

You need to apply for Google Adsense to become a Google Partner and then it will start displaying ads.

Once you start producing quality content so you will earn revenue for every click on the ad unit. For every click, Google Adsense will pay you money which is known as (CPC).

The more high-quality content you publish on your website. The better are your chances to earn more and more revenue from Google Adsense. If you create content for your website by targeting high CPC keywords so you will start receiving more CPC.

Start Affiliate Marketing To Monetize Your Travel Blog

If you want to make a living online so affiliate marketing would be one of the best sources of revenue. Affiliate Marketing could quadruple your blog income as you will earn money based on commissions.

Affiliate Marketing is the most powerful source of revenue for most bloggers. It gives you an opportunity to tie up with a service that you could promote on your blog.

Here are the 5 Best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers.

Once your visitor purchases the affiliate product or services by clicking on the unique affiliate link on your website. So you will earn a commission for every qualified sale.

This way you could multiply your online income with Affiliate Marketing.

Travel blogging is a very popular blogging niche which could provide you a lot of earning opportunities. To get started there are popular affiliate programs for travel bloggers that you could join for free.

Write Sponsored Posts

To get sponsored posts there is one condition that your blog should have a good number of daily visitors.

Once your blog becomes quite popular in your niche so you could approach brands like airlines, hotels, travel services directly.

You could either email or tweet them to provide you their product or services for review. This way you could also demand them to pay you for promoting their services and that’s how you will get paid once you become more established in your niche.

This will also help the brands and service providers to reach more customers. Your blog post will bring them more sales which could be a win win situation for both. 

In addition, you could also start your YouTube Channel as a brand channel for your blog and start publishing videos. Here you could reach even more people online.

Since people like to watch more videos than reading blogs so you could get more opportunities for making review videos.

Sell Products Online

You could earn more revenue by writing sponsored posts but it might not be a source of your regular income.

To maximize the revenue your target should be to monetize your blog with multiple sources of income. Therefore, one of the best sources to maximize your revenue is by selling products online.

If you get a lot of traffic on a daily basis so you can also sell your own products. The products that you choose to sell online should be based on your niche.

As a travel blogger you could sell a variety of products on your blog as ;

  • Sell Merchandise
  • Travel Bags and Accessories
  • Healthcare Products
  • Fitness Products
  • Safety Products
  • E-books
  • Stationary, Diaries & T-Shirts
  • Cameras and Equipment
  • Hiking and Camping Accessories
  • Cycles and Fitness Products

These are some of the common products that you could choose to promote on your blog.

Sell Travel Packages

One of the key things that you could sell on your travel blog and no other blog is travel packages.

In order to accomplish this task, you could partner with your local travel agent or services.

You could become their selling partner to sell travel packages on your website and keep your profits aside.

Otherwise, Start your own travel agency so that you don’t need to be dependent on anyone for your business. This way you could keep the best margins and maximize your profits. 

As a blogger, you could write about the destinations and create the landing pages to sell travel packages. Selling Travel Packages could be a long term business that will help you grow in the market.

If you follow these guidelines and work with passion. So I am sure after some time you will be able to make a living online with a travel blog. 

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Hi, my name is Nitish Soni and I am a Travel Blogger.