Are you looking for a Cruiser Motorcycle then let’s have a look at the Latest Edition Entry Level Cruiser from Harley Davidson the Harley Davidson Street 500.

In this fast-moving world today motorcycle riders and even potential riders are influenced by the looks, the speed of the sports segment motorcycles also these machines are upgrading every year with the latest electronics technology like the latest edition of Honda Goldwing 2018.

These machines look absolutely stunning, right? But sometimes we also need a cruiser bike for maintaining safer speeds, cruising and enjoying our ride,

well, can this purpose be solved on a racing machine?

For this, we need a Cruising motorcycle! I hope you all know about the brand that is world-wide famous for its best-produced cruising machines which is none other than “Harley-Davidson” Whenever we hear or see any cruising machine the first name that comes in our mind is of Harley-Davidson motorcycles,

Harley Davidson has produced one of the finest cruising machines of all time, out of which “Harley-Davidson Fatboy” which we all saw in the Hollywood movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger – Terminator made its mark all over

Since then the love for cruiser motorcycle increased all over the world, Cruiser motorcycle is all about enjoying your ride and experience ever and every moment of your ride, no rush, no backaches, no refueling again and again just enjoy your ride sitting at a comfortable position and reaching your destination.

For some of us it could be possible that these cruiser machines by Harley Davidson could be very expensive and requires a lot of maintenance cost for that there are also the best budget cruising bikes but now if you are looking to try your hands on a Harley Davidson then this year we have for you best beginner cruiser motorcycle by Harley Davidson which is Harley Davidson Street 500, Even though it is a Harley Davidson machine but this Harley Davidson price is just starting @$6,899.

This Harley Davidson street 500 is specially built for the urban riding and could be considered as the easiest Harley to ride till date.

According to Harley Davidson


“Take on the urban grid with 500cc of easy handling, backed out Harley-Davidson Dark Custom Style”

The Harley Davidson Street is powered by the 500cc Liquid-Cooled, Revolution X™ V-TWIN Engine with 29.5 FT-LB of engine torque, It has 492 LB of weight and 25.7 IN of seat height. As we all know that since 2018 ABS is now mandatory so it’s very much beneficial that Harley Davidson Street 500 offers factory-installed ABS that will give you the confidence in the saddle. This machine is designed and build to conquer the hot and heavy traffic of the urban streets, you can count on a smooth response to the progressive throttle when you want to get through any hole that opens up in front of you. As per the design the Harley Davidson Street 500 looks very much similar to the elder brother Harley Davidson street 750 but Harley Davidson Street 500 has more variety of colors as compared to Harley Davidson 750 , Out of all the Harley Davidson models this is the best Harley to start on , So guys if you are looking for a new motorcycle then must check out Harley Davidson for beginners which is Harley Davidson Street 500 , This will save you a lot of money will give you the DNA of the same Harley-Davidson brand so that you don’t need to compromise at all as it is the best beginner cruiser motorcycle by Harley-Davidson Street 500 especially for Urban-Ride and even for long distance touring on this cruiser.

The Entry-Level Cruiser Harley Davidson street 500 top speed is expected to be 200 km/hr, The best part is that Harley Davidson is ready to customize this machine as per your requirements of Genuine Motor Parts and Accessories , The seat height is just 28-inches, and the frame and seat are narrow, which makes for an even easier reach. The advantages of a low seat also shine when the light turns green, It gives you a low center of gravity for confidence when you’re negotiating traffic, just rolling slowly through a parking lot looking for a parking spot, The Harley-Davidson Street 500 has got specially tuned shocks which are specially tuned and dialed in for the weight of the bike, the geometry of the frame and the position of the rider. You’ll experience a smooth ride and excellent handling when you encounter rough urban pavement. As per the Harley Davidson mileage then the company claims it to be 27.8 kmpl from the Harley Davidson Street 500

but if you are looking for a cruiser motorcycle that is even more budget cruiser motorcycle which is best in style and a new launch then you must also check out Royal Enfield Thunderbird X , Now the ultimate goal is that whatever bike you choose its very important to stay safe while riding a motorcycle and also prepare before a motorcycle road trip for better riding experience .

Well, it’s a tough news but Harley-Davidson has no plans to launch its entry-level Street 500 motorcycle in India. The company launched its elder brother which is higher powered Street 750 in 2014 at Rs 4 hundred thousand rupees making it the cheapest and affordable Harley-Davidson in India. But if you are ready to make out a budget of 4  hundred thousand then you could get even a step ahead of this Harley Davidson Street 500 machine and could get a new Harley Davidson Street 750 as a beginner rider in India.

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