Boarding an International Flight


FIRST TIME INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL – Whenever it comes to Travel Internationally, all we believe is lots and lots of preparation, documentation, currency conversion, passport safety etc, and Yes it’s very important to be cautious and attentive for your belongings during your entire trip , but sometimes getting too much cautious about remembering everything leads to some mistake at some point, therefore in order to make the process simpler and give you in-depth process map on how to proceed step by step will definitely help your international travel easier.

Well since international travel or any travel experience is different for everybody, therefore, we are trying to cover the important things to keep in mind while planning your international trip.

So finally you decided to travel abroad now the preparation begins so to start with first of all you need to have three major documents that will be your key soul for your entire journey. We believe everybody knows that documents like Passport, Visa of the destination country you are traveling to and Travel Tickets.

So now you have all the three things with you and nothing could be more important than this so how you have to take care of primarily these three documents in your entire journey until you reach home safely.


How could not stay connected with your family and friends while on international travel, we need to talk , video chat , post pictures on Instagram, etc and you may or may not get public Wi-Fi depending upon your travel destination, so we recommend you to activate the international roaming pack if on a short trip [ for roaming packs you may contact your service provider], If on a long trip then get yourself a local sim, calling card or a matrix sim. International sim cards will be easily available after verification of your documents, you may visit any service provider local store for more details.


Now the question comes about how to explore the local city you are traveling to obviously you are not carrying your car or motorcycle in that country so anyhow either you could rent a car or motorcycle but for that, you need to have an international driving license to drive on your own. You could also hire a cab facility but if you are curious about the expenses then we recommend to get a Travel Card , Well travel card would be one of the most convenient options for you , with this you could use all local transport in a particular city/country for a fixed amount of time and is the cheapest way to get around.

Now you might have a 3 days 4 days or any number of days stay in that particular destination , so you might have prepared an itinerary for your travel if not then kindly prepare your itinerary in advance to explore all the major attractions and places , and in order to reach there on time we recommend you to have a local map with you , you could use google maps to explore major attractions and also you will information on how to reach there by bus or train, we believe it is one of the most convenient options available, save maps offline in case you don’t have active internet connection.   


Well, the answer is simple “Freely” Right? Then why you need to carry excess luggage while on travel. This is a very simple process but for some, they are not able to decide on how to backpack for light travel, See if you carry too much obviously you will feel uncomfortable carrying all your stuff while on a journey, therefore making it as light as possible to carry it around easily. But being light travel does not mean that you leave your important stuff behind and running short of clothes, keep a balance in weight.

You need to remember that you have to do shopping in from the new country and have to save space to bring it back within the luggage limits. As per our knowledge for international travel, the flights offer 30 kg on luggage and 7 Kg’s for hand luggage. For precise information, you may inquire with your flight service desk. The luggage more than the defined limits will not be allowed.

Now this is the most important step for any journey is to ensure your safety, whether you are a regular or a first time traveler before take off the flight cabin crew give instructions for your safety, We travel you to kindly pay attention to their instructions and apart from that there is a safety instruction manual that you should definitely read and prepare your escape plan in case of emergency. Because emergency could happen anywhere anytime and anyplace, We are not trying to scare you but yes your safety is in your own hands, For more, you could watch YouTube videos and Kindly mention in the comment section below in case you need us to provide you more information on safety.

For your passport safety, you need to carry it all the time with you but avoid the pockets where you could be robbed. Kindly keep it safe in a pouch inside a secure bag also away from moisture on a dry surface. And don’t carry all the cash with you all the time leave some cash in your locked luggage in case you are robbed so at least you have some emergency cash.

Don’t be mistaken after reading this that it could happen all the time, but also you need to remember that it could happen anytime and you need to just prepare for it. Think for the best and prepare for the worst and overall be easy and relaxed as this is not at all difficult, earth is one and we are humans everywhere so no need to worry about. Enjoy to the fullest and make it a memorable first-time international travel experience. Wish you a happy journey!

Hi, my name is Nitish Soni and I am a Travel Blogger.