Delhi to Dharamshala bike trip


If you are planning Delhi to Dharamshala bike trip then this article is for you and even if you are not on a bike even this article will be helpful if you are going there by road because here I will be going to share with you my experiences on a Dharamshala trip

The duration of our entire journey was four days including departure and return to Delhi, within these four days we covered many places in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj that I will be going to share with you soon in this travel series.

So first of all for those who are not on a bike and still want to go Dharamshala, the other possible options for them would be flight, bus, train or your own car

    • If you are going there by flight then the nearest airport to Dharamshala would be Gaggal Airport which is located 13 km away from the main city of Dharamshala.
    • If you want to go there by bus then, you could easily book a bus from ISBT Kashmiri gate in Delhi, Volvo buses are easily available and you could find very cheap prices also.
    • The train journey is also a very convenient and cheap option if you want to visit Dharamshala. An overnight journey would be very comfortable but the nearest railway station to Dharamshala is in Pathankot which is located 84 km away from Dharamshala, but you could easily book a taxi or bus from there to Dharamshala.
  • If you have your own car then the fun will be double.



So just follow along because now the real journey starts ;

Dharamshala formerly known as Bhagsu is a district headquarters of Kangra in India and a very delighting hill station that one could explore in Himachal Pradesh. We started our journey from New Delhi and Delhi to Mcleodganj distance is 480 km or approximately 500 km.

If I say about the road conditions in advance then yes the road conditions were good and I faced no problems but there are also certain things that you need to take care that we will discuss as we proceed along.

This entire 500 km journey took us more than 14 hours to reach and yes we took some rest in the middle of the way.  Me and my friend left from Delhi after refueling our bikes at around 5:15 am although the plan was to leave by 4:00 am which usually never happen but still we managed and left for Dharamshala.

Ok at first we took the route which connects Delhi to Murthal road via NH1 and the road is almost straight and it took us around 1.5 hours to reach Murthal and we covered around 80 km away from New Delhi and this is the place where we took our first break.

After spending some time on Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba in Murthal we started riding again and this time we decided to ride for the next two hours continuously without any breaks and should cover 200 km.

After covering places like Panipat, Karnal, and Kurukshetra we stopped somewhere near Mohra where we took some early morning tea and snacks.

Delhi to Dharamshala bike trip

The road is absolutely straight and the road is very well constructed it’s the NH1 Highway which is straight and you don’t need to take any turn until you reach McDonald’s in the Chandigarh Ambala Expressway and this is where we took our Third break where we had our breakfast for the day at McDonald’s where we spend the next 45 minutes.

After having our breakfast we left and from here the destination was another 6 or 7 hours away, and Delhi to Dharamshala bike trip distance was still 250 kilometers left.

So after McDonald’s, we took first left because if you go straight you will take the Panchkula and Shimla route, and we entered the Monali IT city.

The road was a very good highway with very less traffic and we cruise for next 50 kilometers without any issue although we were checking the route in the middle and finally I reached the road which connects to Manali.

For many kilometers, we were following the same route to Manali but a diversion came in the middle so if you climb that bridge you will proceed towards Manali but to reach Dharamshala we have to go from below to approach towards “Anandpur Sahib”.

Now for the motorcyclists and riders you need to be very careful when you are traveling through the road which connects to Anandpur Sahib to Una as you will find many people that will come across your way just like that even I recovered from a very close call here as a guy in Scooby instantly came in front of me and guess what he was wearing headphones while riding.

Dharamshala (Kangra)

So carefully we crossed Una and Amb also on the way we reached Nangal Dam, so after Nangal Dam, the journey was still 3 hours more to go and Delhi to Dharamshala distance was 139 kilometers left.

Now only last 100 kilometers were left and after riding for the next 50 kilometers we started getting the glimpse of the mountains and we were about the climb the mountains, Till now there were no issues with the road but during the Last 100 kilometers you will find signboards mentioning to be aware of the animals that could come in the center of the highway, So kindly maintain your speed and be careful.

So last 50 kilometers were left and we stopped for a quick Maggi break after riding for so long time, now at the Maggi point we found a person with which we were having the conversation as he was the local of Dharamshala to know more about the place and things to do, also he is our Facebook friend now !

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So again we proceed and now the bad patch started but not that bad only sometimes on the way to Kangra Fort and Tunnel till then it was dark and the time was around 6:30 pm and finally we reached Dharamshala exactly at 7:20 pm.

After reaching there we were happy but also very tired because it was a very long bike ride journey on Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle and booked our hotel room.

Overall it was a fun ride! The weather was very nice due to which we felt less tired and we had a very light meal during our journey so that we could be active throughout our ride.

So this is it for day 1 of our Delhi to Dharamshala by road on our motorcycles, The roads are very well constructed and it was a very comfortable ride.

There would be more travel blogs coming soon so kindly keep yourself updated with us.

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