//CoronaVirus Travel Restrictions in India.
Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

CoronaVirus Travel Restrictions in India.

Let’s have a look at Coronavirus Travel Restrictions and its Effects on the Travel Industry. Coronavirus disease is causing a huge impact on the World’s economy and causing shutdowns in various Countries.

As of 27, April 2020, the total number of Coronavirus cases in the World is nearly 2.93 Million. Out of which 27,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases are from India.

Due to this catastrophic situation, the government has imposed Coronavirus Travel Restrictions after imposing the lockdown in the entire country.

In this article let’s have a look at what kind of travel restrictions imposed. We will try to understand why it is necessary to follow the Guidelines of the government and stay at home.

The novel Coronavirus is emerging as the most acute disease. Therefore, It is currently the biggest rival of the entire human race.

It’s not as acute as other diseases like HIV and Cancer, but it is harder to detect, trace, and treat. This makes it even more deadly than any other disease known in the world.

It usually takes Up To 4 to 12 days to detect the COVID-19 Symptoms in the human body. During this incubation period an infected person could be the potential carrier of this disease without himself feeling sick.

The initial symptoms might feel like a regular cough, mild fever, and short of breath. This may take up to 14 days to reflect which a person feels like the regular flu.

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In many cases, people tested having Coronavirus were actually didn’t even felt any COVID-19 Symptoms. So it becomes extremely important for the governments to introduce travel restrictions. 

What to Expect?

Since the COVID-19 outbreak is not limited to a specific country restrictions are imposed all over the world. 

Different countries introduced different kinds of travel restrictions where travel is only possible in case of an acute emergency.

Countries like the USA, Italy, Germany, UK, China, India, Canada, Australia, Japan. These countries are trying to tackle the situation by stopping the mobility of their citizens to maintain social distancing.

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All the major sources of travel like Flights, Trains, Buses are temporarily stopped until the situation is improved.

Many Countries updated their their visa-related guidelines which might extend visa for people stuck in self-quarantine. If you were about to travel any other country so your visa might temporarily get cancelled for travelling.

Can We Travel The World Again?

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, there is a complete shut down of the Aviation Industry for Travel and Tourism. Some countries even imposed strict rules by completely shutting down airports whereas some countries only banned travel between specific countries.

In most cases all passenger planes are banned and bookings are temporarily refused as per the directive of the government.

In India, People are currently living under Lockdown 2.0 which is imposed from 14th April to May 3rd.

This means all the travel-related restrictions from the Lockdown 1.0 still exist. As per the current situation, it might even extend beyond the 3rd of May.

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Every day the new number of active cases is continuously increasing in India. I think Coronavirus Travel Restrictions might not be lifted soon until the world gets back to their feet again.

CoronaVirus Travel Restriction Guidelines

Let’s look at all the Domestic and International Coronavirus Travel Restrictions by Indian government.

  • Keeping the airline ban in mind the Indian government has also introduced changes to visa policy. 
  • This means people with expired or near expiry date visas can stay in India without any worry.
  • Operations for all types of trains ( passenger, premium, express trains ) have been halted by The Indian Ministry of Railway. 
  • Only cargo trains that carry essential goods are allowed to operate with precautions to make sure there is no scarcity of supplies. 
  • If we talk about local transport, India has minimized movements of local trains, metro, public-private buses, and public-private transport. 
  • Since all borders are also closed special permission with solid reason is needed for someone who has to cross the city or state. 
  • Internal movements are also restricted by the government and ePass, a special online pass is required to move around the city. 

Tips To Protect Yourself From CoronaVirus

If we follow the strict guidelines of the government and maintain social distancing. Only then we will be able to fight this disease together otherwise it may end the entire human race in the world.

If we stay safe and keep others safe only then we could travel the world again and for that, we need to have patience.

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Please Note : Always wear a mask and avoid close contact with others. There should be atleast 2 meter distance from each other. Kindly sanitize your hand after touching any object purchased from the shop and keep washing your hand frequently.

If you sneeze so always keep your face covered with your arm like the one as shown below;

How to Sneeze Properly: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Source : Wikihow

There are strong possibilities that the virus might spread in the air and the things around you and whatever you touch. Since it is a contagious disease so whenever someone else may touch that surface so he/she might get this disease.

It could be your parents, wife, siblings or children so its better to stay cautious, protected and secured. After all like is a beautiful journey that we all have to live together.

All we can say is Stay at home and Stay Safe !