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BOARD AN INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT – In the world of travel and tourism, the flight is the most convenient, fastest and comfortable mode of transport to travel anywhere around the world and in the world of internet today, everything is turning out to be very easy. even the charges for the flight are affordable these days for common people. So might you have traveled internationally or might not, but since you are landed here so you expect that here we will provide you with the step by step procedure and what you will observe to board an international flight? So let’s get started but before that, if you need to know about what are the essential things required for the first time international travel then must read: First time International travel

So if we start with leaving your home then the first thing is to reach your nearest international airport obviously, now it depends on you if your family would be coming to drop you or you are arriving on your own using any public transport or cab facility, Well in general, cab facility is the best recommended by us . Now the tickets that you have booked for travel will have the details about your travel timings, day and date, also the terminal number on which you have to arrive , but you need to instruct because since you are traveling to another country so you need to arrive at the Departure Airport, many people get confused sometimes due to which their time is wasted , Kindly make the use of online maps like :Google maps to reach airport on time. Airlines are very strict with their schedule so it’s your responsibility to reach there on time and before the better. So once you arrive at the departure you could unload your luggage and may find a free trolley to carry your luggage in the airport easily and then proceed to any gate number to check in to an airport to board an international flight.

airplaneFor more convenience and saving time, We recommend you to keep your documents like Passport, Visa and Flight tickets handy with you to get it verified by the first security check on the gate, once it is approved you will proceed inside the airport.

So now you are inside and from here, first of all, you need to verify your Flight Schedule and your respective counter to receive the boarding pass. These details will be available to you on the Flight Information screen, which would be somehow black in background color with flight details as shown in the image above. Just simply remember the counter number it would be something like “H2N” and start proceeding, the numbers are listed on the roof but still if you are unsure you could ask any of the airport employees around you. At your counter you need to submit your luggage and receive boarding passes, You simply need to drop off check-in baggage at the baggage drop off center and after this you need to proceed towards the security check.

In this second stage of security check you need to get your hand baggage scanned along with if you are carrying any electronics ,mobile devices, wallet in your pocket and hand baggage  you need to keep it in a tray and get it scanned also at the same time in parallel you need to pass through the security check to get your body scanned and will get your boarding pass and other travel documents verified by the security officers, We request you to kindly cooperate with them and kindly follow their instructions .

There is not much difference in the procedure to check in to airport to board international flight or domestic flight , but in domestic flights you don’t need to have a passport or visa , but you need to give a proof of the citizenship like in India any government id like “Aadhar card” or “driving license”. In international flights you have an additional step is known as “immigration” In brief Immigration or simply immigration control is the place at a port , or international border where the officials check the passports of people and other documents, verify them at the airport of the people who wish to come into the country, “Immigration process will be well defined in the upcoming articles, so kindly subscribe to our newsletter for more .

  Boarding Flight Airport

Once you are verified by the immigration department you need to reach to your respective gate number to board an international flight, now you need to know your airline, for example, Emirates or Qatar airlines etc it could be any according to your choice, to verify check your boarding pass. After immigration if you proceed further then you will enter the duty-free zone area where you could do tax-free shopping, many airports nowadays offer duty-free zones. 

If you have free time left then you could do enough shopping from the airport to carry with you on the flight but please make sure to reach the boarding gates before it gets closed , and follow the announcements although you will be notified on your cell phone as a text message also if there are any changes made in the timings or gate number but please be attentive at this point . Once you reach your respective boarding gates you will find waiting and sitting area where you could wait and relax once the boarding process starts in a queue the airlines official will scan your boarding passes and will let you process to board the airport bus known as Aerobus to take you to the aircraft or you need to walk through a bridge knows as aerobridge which will take you straight inside the aircraft, it depends on the infrastructure of the airport . Eg if you travel to or from Dubai with Airbus A380 you will find that the infrastructure of aerobridge.

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Once you are just about to enter the aircraft the airline’s officials will again scan your boarding pass to make sure that you have successfully boarded the flight, The Cabin Crew member will be waiting for you to welcome onboard. Check your respective seats for assistance flight cabin crew will be there to help you, Follow their instructions and just relax, Now you have successfully board your Flight. So get ready to Take Off.

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