Best SUV for Traveling Long Distances


TOP 5 SUV CARS FOR LONG DISTANCE TRAVELING – Here we bring you 5 best SUV cars for traveling long distances which are priced under 20 lakhs in India. Traveling is inimitable and always brings happiness and opens us up to new experiences and a broader perspective. While You can travel to endless destinations but the mode of traveling is limited to Aircraft, Trains, Buses, Ships, Cars, and Motorcycles. Public Transport facilities like Aircraft, Trains & Buses are the most used means of transport but sometimes all we need is an independent traveling by road to our desired destination along with family or friends along. The best advantage of driving or riding is that everything is under your control. 

Driving your own car for a long drive could be the most thrilling and entertaining experience. For those who love to drive or coming forward to be a part of the travel journey on their own cars looking for a perfect SUV for you, we have compiled the list of 5 Best SUV cars for Traveling long distances priced under 20 Lakhs INR.

So let’s begin here:-


Hyndai Creta | Best SUV for Traveling Long Distances

Hyundai Creta has been one of the best cars that Hyundai produced in India. The Sales Benchmarks is a proof for its success. It has a powerful engine which is fun to drive and the ergonomics are appealing. India welcomes this car with a big heart and that is the reason we see so many Hyundai Creta on Indian roads.

Hyundai Creta is available in both Petrol and Diesel variant, The 1.6 SX Automatic diesel variant has CRDI engine which produces 126.2 bhp of power @ 4000 rpm also it produces the maximum torque of 259.87 Nm @ 3000 rpm.

The best advantage of having Hyundai Creta is that not many SUVs is having an automatic transmission in Diesel and Petrol variants as compared to sedan cars but Hyundai Creta has an automatic transmission for both the engine types. Design of Hyundai create is always admired since its launch by the critics and fans as it provides a robust yet sporty look to this Crossover SUV. It has 400 Litres of Boot Space and a fairly neat interior and upholstery but due to its seating position rear passenger don’t get a good outside view.

The all-new 2018 Hyundai Creta is packed with new features and has a lot more to offer when compared with the 2017 model. The new version now offers airbags for both front and rear passengers. It is now equipped with Sunroof, Cruise control, a Touchscreen infotainment system having Apple car-play and android auto options along with the segment first Wireless Charging.

Hyundai Creta driving quality is pretty well too thanks to its powerful and fine-tuned engine due to which it reaches 0 to 100 Kmph in 10.5 seconds, The suspension is well configured and ground clearance is 190 mm. Hyundai claims that Creta Diesel variant offers the mileage of 20 km/pl which is a very good deal for SUV.

Recently Hyundai Creta is the top-selling SUV for the month of August in 2018 and you won’t be disappointed if you choose to buy this. The Ex showroom price of Hyundai Creta starts at Rs 9.44 Lakhs to 15.11 Lakhs. Therefore it is considered as the Best SUV for traveling long distances.


Maruti S cross | Best SUV for Traveling Long Distances

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross was launched in September 2015 and is renamed to S – Cross from SX4 S-Cross for the Indian Market. Maruti SX4 was a quite powerful car but unfortunately it couldn’t penetrate the market as per the expectations of Maruti but certainly, after the launch of the all-new Maruti S-Cross, the sales received a good number and positive reviews from the users. Maruti Suzuki S-Cross comes in 4 Variants all of which are operated in diesel as fuel type, it might be a little disappointing for those looking for petrol variants but at the same time, it’s an SUV.

Maruti S-Cross has lifted sales of Maruti in this segment and people who purchased and drive this car are enjoying it. As per the specifications, Maruti S-Cross that comes with 1.3 Litre DDiS Diesel engine produces 88.5 bhp @4000rpm of power and a max torque of 200 Nm@ 1750 rpm. Due to its powerful engine, it reaches 0-100 Kmph in 13.42 Seconds, Ground Clearance of this car is 180 mm along with the boot space of 375 liters. Maruti claims mileage of 23.65 Kmpl for the city which is best in class and also good for your pocket as fuel prices are an all-time high.

As per the design and features, the design of the new Maruti S-Cross is pretty unique and it looks Aggressive all the time from the exterior looks. Maruti has revamped the previous generation which did not pick up the sales due to its hatchback design the new S-Cross looks quite appealing to the eyes and is loaded with ton of features with its top model includes a 7 Inch touchscreen display with built-in Apple Carplay and Android Auto, Reversing camera, Rain sensing wipers, Cruise control system and much more.

The price for this new Maruti S cross starts at 8.85 Lakhs and Goes up to 11.45 Lakhs for the top end variant for the mid variant this is the best feature-rich, comfortable and well performing SUV Crossover you can get if you are looking for the Best SUV for traveling long distances under 20 lakhs.


Jeep Compass | Best SUV for Traveling Long Distances

Jeep is an International Car Manufacturer which produced the Best is class SUV cars. If you are looking for the best SUV for traveling long distances under 20 lakhs then here we bring you the all-new Jeep Compass. The all-new Jeep Compass is very impressive now as compared to its performance ever since its first launch.

The all-new Jeep Compass is gaining a good sales figure and also gained a fair number of brand enthusiasts. This new car is helping Jeep brand to build a strong market base in the Indian Market as being the premium brand its other cars were available only in the higher price segment earlier that was not accessible to the many.

As per the design Jeep compass is better in looks and appeal than both Maruti S-Cross and Hyundai Creta, therefore, it is a sure shot head turner as it takes design inspiration from its elder and expensive sibling Jeep Cherokee. if you take into consideration the all-new black pack edition which was recently launched and you will be mesmerized by its looks.

As per build quality, it is again far superior to the other two SUV cars as mentioned earlier, it is said to have that 70 percent of jeeps body that is built from high strength steel. The Seats are very comfortable made up of leather. The rear seat of the jeep compass might not be as comfortable as you would like for three adults but some things can surely be compromised. Boot space in the compass is massive a 438 Litre.

When it comes to features Jeep Compass lacks a little behind of Creta and S-cross as it does not have automatic climate control, an infomania system with android auto and apple car play but on the other hand, it has traction control, Hill start assist, Electronic Stability Control, disc brakes.

The all-new Jeep Compass is the Best SUV for traveling long distances as it has the raw power, It comes in two variants Diesel and Petrol, The diesel variant has a powerful 2.0 Litre engine producing 170bhp @ 3750 rpm of power and 350 Nm @ 1750 – 2500 rpm of torque. The automatic variant is only available in petrol engine type and currently, all the diesel variants of Jeep compass are having a manual transmission that is until the launch of Jeep Trailhawk.

Jeep Compass reaches 0-100 Kmph in 10.03 Seconds and Jeep claims a mileage of 17 Kmpl for the diesel variant. As per the pricing, it will cost you a starting price of Rs 15.39 Lakhs.

Till now we have only mentioned 5 seater crossover SUV which is the best SUV for traveling long distances but we understand that if you have family of more than 4 then the above-mentioned cars won’t please you but if you are ready to increase the space and size So now we have 7 seater family cars below 20 lakhs also, Let’s have a look.


Mahindra Marazzo | Best SUV for Traveling Long Distances

We were supposed to mention Mahindra XUV 500 here which starts at Rs. 15.64 lakh that is definitely our personal best choice as the best SUV for traveling long distances, especially in India. But to give a new update and a new design for the 7 seater SUV that is powerful and absolutely new We introduce you to the Mahindra Marazzo which is recently launched and the amount of appreciation it has gained is unparalleled. In India, Mahindra is very well known for producing powerful yet budget friendly MUVs and SUVs.

Mahindra is continuously building its brand and has already concreted its name in the Indian Market with the highly successful SUV cars like Mahindra Scorpio, Thar & Xuv 500 but now Marazzo will help Mahindra make an Impact once again and compete directly against Toyota Innova Crysta and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga.

The all new Mahindra Marazzo has a fresh and clean look it does not look like a Mahindra, to be honest, because of its smooth and well-rounded design and the grill in the front gives it a shark-like look which is obvious by its name Marazzo which means shark in Basque a sub-language of Spanish.

Seats are well finished, comfortable and to our surprise, the third row can fit adults without sacrificing comfort which is a common challenge for family SUV cars. It has 190 Litres of boot space which can be increased if we fold the third row.

Mahindra Marazzo | Best SUV for Traveling Long Distances

Mahindra Marazzo is recently launched and what we could tell you from the industry response is that the 121bhp of power is not sufficient for a car which weighs 1.6 tonnes and it can be felt when you are in a hurry and want to feel that acceleration it covers to reach 0 – 100 km-ph in 15 seconds but it is not that bad after all. Mahindra says that it has a mileage of 17.3 Km/ L. Overall it is fun to ride and an economy efficient family car.

Being a feature rich SUV, it’s top end model comes with dual airbags, reverse parking sensor, and view camera, Infotainment system with Android Auto currently, If your budget fits in this price bracket and you want a seven-seater family car you can surely buy one without any second thought.

If we check out some quick specifications then the all new Mahindra Marazzo has a 1.5 Litre engine which produces 121bhp of power @ 3500 rpm and 300 Nm of maximum torque @ 1750  – 2500 rpm. Currently, all the variant of the Marazzo have Diesel engines and it is also missing out on an automatic transmission. In terms of Pricing, it starts at Rs. 10 Lakhs where the top model reaches to Rs. 14 Lakhs. Definitely, it is the best SUV for traveling long distances for the family under 20 lakhs.


Toyota Innova Crysta | Best SUV for Traveling Long Distances

No Doubt about it that Toyota has a world-class technology when it comes to producing very high-quality engines and low maintenance cars. Well, Toyota Innova is a travel favorite car for family and is a has been the market leader in this segment since long. It would be right to say that it is not an SUV but a Carrier which is not a way less than any SUV. Since we are considering the best SUV for traveling long distances but at the same time for traveling nothing could be better than Innova Crysta

Space and comfort, performance, features, and its reliability helped Toyota Innova reach market leading sales for many years. In 2016 Toyota revamped its Innova to Innova Crysta and Since then Innova Crysta has impressed buyers looking for a premium MPV or an SUV for city and highway commuting, it was also well received by critics in the automobile industry.

Toyota Innova Crysta has a totally different engine design and power delivery from its predecessor, it comes in both Diesel and Petrol variants and more than a dozen variants within it, we will not confuse you by mentioning each and every variant instead let’s check the top end automatic transmission diesel variant because who doesn’t like top end design !

Innova Crysta 2.8 GX AT has 2.8 Litre Diesel engine which produces 171.5 bhp of power @ 3400 rpm and 360 Nm of maximum torque @ 1200-3400 rpm.

The exterior looks on the new Innova Crysta have also been overhauled and now it looks superior to the previous generation, the styling is unique and edgy along with well thought off making it look very attractive for an MPV.

If we talk about the interior we will notice everything has changed inside for the good. Toyota realizes that this car will mostly be chauffeurs and the back seats are of leather which is quite comfortable apart from this there are many features for the passengers sitting at the rear.

Since the new Toyota Crysta is larger in size in terms of both length and height This car gets more room to make it more spacious than ever. It has a boot space of 300 Litres which is quite impressive. Crysta has all the basic feature plus satellite navigation and also a 7-inch touchscreen display.

Almost everything so far is positive but what happens when we drive this car. Thankfully Innova Crysta shines in this aspect too. Driving an Innova is a breeze due to its powerful engine. it could reach 0 to 100 km-ph in just 13.1 Seconds and the suspension will not make you feel the bumps on the rough and patchy roads and the mileage promised for this is 12 Kmpl which is not bad for a spacious car like this. We feel Toyota Innova Crysta is a very good option and Toyota will keep dominating this market.

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