Are you looking for a holiday at a beautiful beaches destination? So finally now you have a reason to explore the world, but what comes first in our mind is a cinematic foreign location like Mauritius, Thailand, Bali and more but when we explore the travel packages for these locations on the internet and get an expensive price quote then we suddenly drop the idea right?

Don’t worry as there is no need to cancel your holiday plan, we bring you the best beaches destination in and near India that will leave you surprised at the beauty of these best beaches destination in India that is no less than these popular foreign destinations.




A very popular destination among the youth where singles, couples, and honeymooners visit  GOA to enjoy life and Party as GOA is India’s Party Capital and if you are in Doubt for any other location simply Go GOA as nothing is better than GOA in terms of enjoyment, fun, water sports activities and more. The most convenient method to reach goa is by flight, Simply land at the (Dabolim Airport, GOA) and live your days like no other. If you choose goa it will be a hassle-free holiday as no need to carry and manage passport, no need of a visa, only enjoy, enjoy and enjoy (only for Indian Citizens) [Foreign Citizens need to carry their valid documents]

There are lots of beaches in GOA, and it is also famous for its  “Sunburn” festival where DJ’s from all over the world collaborate to make your party rocking. It’s a place for water sports adventure, relaxing on the beach with a handful of cold beer, taking the sunbath, swimming and a romantic walk on a beach with your partner. still, Needs the Reasons to visit GOA 

You will enjoy the best of nightlife in GOA and that’s why it is one of the best beaches destinations in India  



There could be no other beautiful beaches destination in India  like Kerala after Goa, The Kerala Beaches serves as the best alternative for Goa in Southern India, The Kerala beaches are very famous for its surfing activities so if you are looking for some action then must visit the Kovalam beach in Kerala which is not far from the Kerala capital Trivandrum , The lighthouse is the main attraction of this beach and it is one of the most developed beaches in Kerala. This destination draws wide attention from all over the world due to its exotic beauty which is no less than a paradise for couples and nature lovers. You may easily arrive at the Trivandrum International Airport to visit Kerala by air. 



Situated in the Bay of Bengal, Andaman is now gaining popularity and attracting tourists from India and all over the world. It is very well-known for its white sand beaches, tropical rainforests, mangroves and what not. Andaman is very famous for its scuba diving and it’s amazing, it’s fascinating moreover safe and secure, with no swimming skills required you could take a sea walk in Andaman, explore the once in a lifetime underwater experience of walking on the seabed and enjoy like any other international holiday adventure now in Andaman. due to which Andaman is a unique territory of India and nature’s paradise in rich natural underwater treasures.

You and your partner will enjoy the unbelievable experience of life together on this best beaches destination in India and since it’s an Indian territory so no passport is required to travel in Andaman for Indians but keep some government id to prove your identity. The Seawalk is performed under the highly trained instructors which are internationally certified so just go with the flow and enjoy the magical experience of your life in a budget in Andaman.



India is full of beautiful places and natural attractions and in the list of Best Beaches Destination in India here Lakshadweep is also another beautiful Indian union territory with most beautiful beaches, where Bangaram island is a luxury in the Lakshadweep Islands, This is ranked as the best getaways of the world with the breathtaking islands and incredibly beautiful scenic beauty surrounded by the shallow blue lagoon , this island is isolated inhabited that offers an alluring view of the nature along with the watersports action . at the Thinnakara beach in Lakshadweep the pristine white beach and incredibly turquoise water will give you a true feeling of being in a paradise . Make this abode for you and the experience of the heavenly island you will never forget.  



Not far away from India, Maldives is a tropical nation in the Indian Ocean. We simply could not ignore the Maldives because of the kind of beaches and the beauty that this place has is simply more than beautiful. The ocean is so sparkling blue that makes this destination a perfect place for romantic holidays. The best time to visit the Maldives is between December to April when the weather is dry this is the best time to rejuvenate yourself when on a Maldives holiday but being a part of the Muslim area for some beaches the Bikini’s are not allowed but no need to worry there is an Exotic Bikini Beach at Rasdhoo Island officially known as the Maldives bikini beach where females could flaunt their bikini bodies without any worries. Moreover, for the young couples, Maldives will bring you closer to nature it’s a perfect time whether you dive into the waters or just sit by the beach and enjoy the beauty of the natural looking at the bluest water where white sand adding charm to the beauty of the beach. You will find here the pocket-friendly restaurants over here so you could enjoy the best time of your life here without burning a hole in your pocket. As per the requirements To enter the Maldives no pre-arrival visa is required.

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