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BECOME A SUCCESSFUL MOTOVLOGGER – Nowadays people from all around the world who love riding a motorcycle are trying their hands on motovlogging to become a successful motovlogger but do we actually know 


if you are new to motovlogging or want to become a successful motovlogger then this article will be very helpful for you because here you will get to know the best and detailed coverage on How to become a successful motovlogger and the essential things you need to kick-start your journey!

Whenever a motorcycle rider records the video while riding a motorcycle whether on a long journey, on a race track or capturing any other similar event on a camera after which he creates a documentary video which is known as vlog in which he hosts the video and share it with people on the internet via Youtube or Facebook this is process is known as Motovlogging. Well people nowadays think that you can do motovlogging only on a motorcycle but that’s not true, You could vlog while driving a car or riding a jet ski or any other means basically its a task that requires some action and requires outdoor shoot.

The best platform to share your motovlogging videos with the world is Youtube, as Motovlogs runtime is comparatively larger in length than other categories of videos on Youtube because here you need to Travel and express the details in your content which requires some time to explain.



So to start your Motovlogging Journey at first you need to create your own Youtube Channel and name it accordingly that should be something unique which reflects your moto vlogging channel and choose the right category for your channel for every video because your channel will be affected in performance if you keep changing your channel category,

So keep it one and simple for example if you are completely into Travel then you could choose “Travel and Events” category otherwise if you want to express yourself more and cover even more things then choose “ People and Blogs” Category. Kindly mention in the comment section below if want to learn more on how to set up your Travel Youtube Channel in detail.

A very important tip after setting up your free Youtube channel account that with the same name create other social media accounts as well like a Facebook Page, Twitter Account, Google + page, and Instagram Account.

The advantage of setting up your account with the same name on all related social media account will help you set up your channel as a brand and make you more authorized in the eyes of Youtube if you share your content with people on these platforms too but Don’t spam your videos otherwise Youtube could punish your channel that will affect your views and channel performance.

So to become a successful motovlogger you need to share your content on these platforms on a regular basis and the more you stay active on social media platform the more followers you will get.

These platforms will help you expand your reach to your potential audience and gain more Youtube Subscribers and make your moto vlogging channel grow by advertising on it.


Camera and Accessories

I hope you thought of becoming a moto vlogger is because you might have watched somebody else doing it on Youtube and if he can do it why not you. but since he is already doing it and you are about to start, the basic difference between both of you is of experience. Even before starting their journey many people think to buy very expensive setup, Yes I agree that Motovlogging requires some investment to start but at the same time it not at all necessary that you could become a moto vlogger only because of very expensive cameras and accessories.

Initially what matters the most is how you design your content and market it online. You need to understand that as a vlogger ( video blogger ) you are expressing yourself and a story you are narrating on the camera for which your audience is watching your content.

But still, if you want to become a successful motovlogger and want to produce professional content then here are some industry standard accessories to start your moto vlogging journey!


First of all to start moto vlogging you need to have your own motorcycle or car on which you will travel and record your vlogs, The reason for having your own conveyance is that you will be comfortable because you know very well how your own automobile functions also financially you will be benefited because if it is your own car or motorcycle then you need to pay for the fuels and maintenance once in a while otherwise if you rent a car or motorcycle every time you produce a video then your expenditure will reach heights because it is clear to mention here that initially, you could “earn from very little to almost nothing “.

Yes, the words are bitter but true. Motovlogging requires investment for traveling, fuel, maintenance, and other accessories, therefore, you must have your own motorcycle or car for motovlogs.

If you are looking to buy a new car or motorcycle then check out the links below ;


action camera

Having a good moto vlogging setup is of great advantage if you want to be a successful motovlogger and want to do it professionally. So how you will capture your videos?

The answer is simple you need a camera but certainly, if you want to record a video while riding a motorcycle definitely you cannot mount a DSLR camera on a helmet. Therefore if you choose an action camera to record your videos then certainly you will feel very much comfortable and you could focus more on your ride rather than adjusting the camera all the time.

There are many advantages of using an action camera for moto vlogging :

    • You will get the wide-angle view in your frame as compared to your smartphone camera to capture the wide detail for your vlog
    • Easy to adjust and operate during your ride or drive
    • One time setup and many others
  • Moreover, if you choose a good quality action camera then definitely it will be going to increase the quality of your moto vlog on Youtube that will attract the audience stick to your content.

To capture more dynamic shots for your vlog and not just ride there are other cameras also that you could use and shoot videos from different cameras while on the go to record your journey,

Suppose while riding a motorcycle or driving a car action cameras are the best , but when you stop somewhere in between to shoot yourself narrating on the camera you could shoot your video either with your own selfie mobile phone camera’s or if you are looking for more than you could purchase some of the most recommended cameras as listed below in the article recommended purchases

drone camera

To make your vlog look more cinematic you could have aerial shots videos taken by drone cameras, Drone cameras are just perfect to shoot the aerial shot and that really takes you vlog to the next level. If you want to purchase Drone Camera then you could select your one from below. But also you need to take care of your country rules and regulations about flying drone camera.

Yes in countries like India you need to have special permission to fly and capture videos from drones.

And You should check out all the Safety Tips and ESSENTIAL SAFETY ACCESSORIES FOR A MOTORCYCLE RIDE here you will get all the recommended safety accessories for you before going for a long distance motorcycle ride. Here you will also find the most recommended products that you could purchase to become a successful motovlogger because Safety is everything.

Motorcycle riding on the road could be dangerous at some time and as you know many people sacrifice their life due to road accidents. Although Motovlogging is fun and your audience will love you for that but your life is precious be prepared and make your safety as your first priority before anything else.


As a moto vlogger, it should be your job to express yourself best on your vlog. You need to express it as a story that you are telling your audience to engage them in your content.  Learn the Technique of talking to the camera, build up confidence in you and you should always feel energetic in your moto vlogs people should not feel that you are disinterested. A very important tip here is to be original with your communication skills and please avoid artificial accent Let people know you for what you actually are and not an artificial person.

To start with building your content you could make review videos of motorcycles, cars and accessories , you could record daily observation videos where you could capture the unique things happening around you while you ride, or talk about a certain topic while riding a motorcycle you could present your views on a certain trending topic so that people who don’t even watch the moto vlogging videos will be introduced to watch this segment of videos.

Moreover, if you love to travel the best part is to record your travel experience from one destination to another and make people aware of your travel experiences. Then comes the role for editing and for that there is a couple of professional video editing software that you could use to build produce your videos like Sony Vegas pro studio, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro (MAC only) or iMovie (Mac and IOS). Learn and watch the tutorials on how to edit on this software or take a professional editing course to develop this skill and you will be ready for Youtube as a Motovlogger and Editor.    


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Now comes the very interesting question about could you make money from moto vlogging? Well in simple terms Yes you could make money doing moto vlogging for sure but there are certain conditions that you need to take care before becoming a full-time moto vlogger. 

Since you are publishing your videos on Youtube as a Motovlogger therefore at first Youtube gives you an opportunity to monetize your videos by placing ads on it through a very popular online advertising network known as Google Adsense.

But initially earning from Google is not very easy and you will not get the returns on your initial investments very early but don’t need to be demotivated once you start gaining subscribers on your channel and with the increasing view counts when people will click on Ads on your video you will earn a revenue per click on your ads. Google is very smart so don’t even try to cheat on Google Adsense otherwise it will straight away ban your Adsense account.

Other than Adsense you could easily create an Amazon affiliate account from which you promote their products through you videos and mention the link to buy in the description area or you could share that link on your social media network to ping people to buy that product and once the item is sold based on your affiliate code you will earn a commission . and this process is known as affiliate marketing .

More than that if you look at the life of the ones who become a successful motovlogger they frequently get paid through paid sponsors to promote brands and services of the sponsored partners on their channel, Since they have a good amount of traffic on their channel and people get influenced who follow them so brands pay them for sponsorship but not every brand ! But once you reach that stage you need to be honest with yourself and one day you will definitely become one but at that time be true to yourself and prefer only those brands that could provide value to your audience because at the end you will become a successful motovlogger only because of your audience and you simply can’t cheat them just to earn a few extra dollars.

And similarly, if you become highly successful people will pay to appear as a guest on their events for a motivational speech, it depends whether you take it or not!

Moreover, you could partner with few companies to launch your own merchandise that people will purchase and you will receive direct money for the purchases, you could offer multiple products it could either be your keychain, T-shirts, jackets and many other products.

These were some basic methods on how you could earn money with moto vlogging.


Well, you yourself know the correct answer to this but to answer this question as per my experience I would say absolutely NOT.

Think simple there will be lot’s of responsibilities that you need to handle in future and many of you are handling it today and every day! It could be the responsibility of your parents, spouse, children or could be money related to pay your bills, EMI’s and many others. In India most of the young generation riders are becoming moto vloggers because at this age life demands adventure thrill and freedom due to hormonal changes or international people who are retired from their jobs or the ones who have a good source of income to sustain their life through their business for which they don’t need to stick to a 9 to 5 job and apply for leaves are suitable for doing it because their life is supporting them in that direction.

For moto vlogging initially you don’t need to quit your job or studies in the middle, You could be successful here also but that will consume a lot of time and effort and financial support. ask yourself if the conditions are suitable and you are observing the growth here more than anything else and you are born to do it then throttle your life and DO IT!

And The Day will come when you will become a “SUCCESSFUL MOTOVLOGGER”!

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