ARRIVAL PROCEDURES FOR INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT – Flying at 36,000 ft with a speed of 900 km/hr , You are about to reach and land at your destination international airport, If you are flying internationally for the first time then you will get the in-depth detail step by step on how to proceed with the documentation and formalities to check-out from the airport, here we have covered the step by step arrival procedures for international flight.

Once you have safely landed to your destination country you need to follow the step by step process in order to successfully checkout from the airport so that you could reach your Hotel and relax , So here we will discuss these process step by step in detail so that you would be ready in advance for all the stages , In general there are 4 step arrival procedures for international flight as Clear Immigration, Reclaim of Luggage, Clearing Customs and Excise and Finally Enter Arrival Hall to Exit Airport Terminal or You could redirect to the Terminal of Domestic Connecting Flight.


So Let’s Begin with the step by step arrival procedures for an international flight.  

Once the Captain announce the safe landing , Kindly follow the instructions of the Cabin Crew to safely deboard the aircraft , We recommend you to make sure that you have all your hand luggage deboarding the plane, as you will not be to enter into flight again on exit and keep your Passport and other related documents handy as now the process will begin .

On arrival at first, you need to clear the immigration, for that, you need to approach towards the immigration area, either you could walk through the aerobridge inside the airport or you will be dropped at arrival by the Aerobus, This service depends upon the airport infrastructure and airlines facility. In a similar way during departure you need to submit your original passport, visa and other documents to the immigration officer at arrival, he will check and verify your documents and will return your original documents after verification is complete. On arrival you need to fill in the Customs Form (also known as arrival form) that will be distributed by your respective airlines before landing, or else you need to pick one from the immigration area. Kindly hand over all the documents to the immigration officer and also provide any other related document if asked by the immigration officer. The Immigration officer will stamp your passport and will handover your documents back to you.

Airport Landing


So we are done with the step 1 arrival procedures for international flight by Clearing Immigration now let’s move on reclaim your Luggage, How could you leave your luggage behind , There have been many instances earlier where luggage is misplaced hence we recommend you to take the insurance in advance , to reclaim your luggage you need to proceed towards the Baggage Reclaim area , here you will find a baggage belt where luggage is kept and carry forward using a belt, at first Locate your Flight baggage belt number then kindly spot and pick up your luggage from the belt, Once you pick up your baggage kindly make sure that you check and confirm whether it is yours or not ? since many bags might look same, if not we request you to place it again on that belt. In case you experience any damage or lost luggage kindly be in contact with your airline’s officials available at your respective airline counter.

Now after reclaiming your luggage, you need to proceed to Customs and Excise Control kindly use the red channel if you have any items to be declared otherwise use green channel, Customs will ask you some questions, don’t need to worry about it these are all general questions so you need to answer all the questions to custom officer truthfully , and kindly follow the instructions directed by the Customs officers. Once Customs process is cleared, Kindly head towards arrival hall to meet your party or you could catch a taxi or simply board your connecting Domestic Flight

Flight at Airport

In the Last stage of arrival procedures for an international flight,

Once you reach the arrival hall after the customs is cleared, if you need to convert any currency you could locate currency exchange counter in the arrival hall, in case you are meeting any friends or relatives or any hotel pickup then you may look after your name carried by the receiving party after just taking final exit from the airport, You may also look for the nearest taxi stand in order to board the taxi for hotel. And Finally Congratulations you have successfully completed your First International Flight Journey!

The overall departure and arrival procedures for international flight is not at all complex but there are certain step by step procedures that you need to follow for your own safety and convenience to successfully board and checkout from the airport,

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