Till Now ABS was an option for the motorcycles it was concerned with the safety but due to the difference in the price between the ABS model and Non ABS model, people mostly choose the Non-ABS versions of Two-Wheelers in India, but now the Indian Government is all set to make the ABS Technology Mandatory for the motorcycles as well as four-wheelers in India, The plan was decided and was into implementation since 2017 but things are changed in 2018, the bikes that are above 125cc needs to have ABS as mandatory from now onwards, Yes this is the Safe option and it is a great step taken by the Indian Government for the Safety of the Motorcyclists in India as well as Four-Wheeler-Drivers, With the introduction of ABS now in every other motorcycle the government hopes to reduce the number of accidents on the Indian Roads drastically. Now, this step taken by the Indian Government shows that the Government is now concerned about the safety of the Two-Wheeler Commuters in India because as per the statistics, there are around 36,000 fatalities in the country involving two-wheelers.

The addition of an ABS unit also adds a fair bit to the overall price of the product but nothing is more precious than Life, So ultimately in the long run people in India who ride motorcycles will get the most benefit of this decision as we all know that most of the people who ride motorcycle in India ride in their own cities for most of the time and due to the increase in the number of population with traffic everywhere brakes are mostly used rather than accelerator, therefore with the introduction of the ABS in almost every motorcycle above 125cc, this would reduce the number of accidents in India in large.

So now as we all know that ABS is now mandatory for two-wheelers in India, let’s know

ABS Mandatory in India but What is ABS in general?

ABS was first introduced as an anti-skid system for aircraft use in the 1950s and in the 1970s, Ford and Chrysler proved that it can also be used in cars. ABS is known as the anti-lock braking system which means that It prevents the wheels from locking up and helps them maintain grip with the road below. In a situation of unexpected trouble our nervous system immediately apply the brakes in full force which could choke the tires and the two-wheelers could skid and could lead to accident, but with an introduction of the ABS technology even if you apply the brakes in full force it will not choke the tires but will cope up with the momentum of the bike and provides a slight delay in the stoppage of the bikes or cars, ABS is part of an overall stability system which is known as the electronic stability control this monitors wheels’ under heavy braking and each wheel has a sensor attached to it, If the sensors detect that a wheel is about to lock up and stop moving, the system will release the brake.

The release is only for a moment The anti-lock system helps the driver remain in control of the vehicle rather than bringing the car to a stop. The ultimate aim other than safety is to keep the driver or rider in control of their vehicle, which will ultimately reduce the possibility of some unfortunate situation.



The company that will be highly benefited with this decision is BOSCH which is the global technology giant and will play a big role in providing the ABS technology to the Two – Wheeler manufacturing companies in India and will equip their bikes with ABS from 2018 onward. Globally, the European Union have already made ABS for two-wheelers mandatory and other countries like Brazil and Japan are also planning to introduce the same very soon, it is the most trusted brand for the ABS Technology Globally so we all should prefer the Bosch ABS for our two-wheeler

So if we come to a conclusion then overall its a highly positive decision taken by the Indian Government for the Safety of the Motorcycle riders in India by making ABS mandatory from 2018.

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