//5 Best Places to Visit in Lansdowne
lansdowne places to visit

5 Best Places to Visit in Lansdowne

LANSDOWNE PLACES TO VISIT: If you want to plan a short weekend getaway trip to take a break from your daily monotonous routine then one of the nearest hill stations from the capital of India ( New Delhi ) is “Lansdowne Uttarakhand India”.

It is a hill station situated in the north indian state of Uttarakhand which is just 270 km from New Delhi that is approximately a 6 hours ride from Delhi on the safer speeds. The place is quite silent and usually visited in majority by the families and couples during summer holidays. Here you could spend a minimum of 2 days and discover mostly all the places of Lansdowne and experience the peace and amazing natural beauty of Uttarakhand.

Lansdowne places to visit


Get Ready to Plan a trip to Lansdowne Hill Station India, but before that lets discover some of the popular places to visit in lansdowne city.


If you are looking to spend some time on the picnic spot along with your family and children then you could first visit “Bhulla Tal Lake”, It is a very famous and frequently visited place by the tourist in Lansdowne,

Bhulla Tal lake

Here you could try boating along with swans which makes it a brilliant view and fun. Near Bhulla Tal lake there are easy restaurants and cafes where you could have your breakfast like Maggi, tea, and egg noodles which makes it a perfect holiday destination.


Garhwali Museum

If you are interested in sightseeing along with exploring the destination to know more about its history then we recommend you to visit “Garhwali Museum” in Lansdowne. It is one of the most famous museum in Lansdowne and here you will discover all the elements of Garhwal regiment.


If the weather is pleasant you could capture the best moments at St.John’s church located at the mall road in Lansdowne Garhwal, This is one of the oldest church surrounded by the greenery with a very beautiful interior which attracts tourists but sometimes the church interior entry stays closed.


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Here you could spend 15 to 20 minutes to know more about this place as it one of those places that are filled with tranquil surrounds.


TIP-IN-TOP in Lansdowne is also known as tiffin top, This is one of the best places to visit in Lansdowne where you could see the complete hill-top view and skylines. Tip-in-Top Point is situated about four kilometers uphill from the main town market.

Tip in top

There is tourist guest house right next to it where you could enjoy tea and meal, The views from the Tip- in-Top point are expansive and during the early morning, the mountains are covered in the sea of clouds which looks absolutely wonderful.


Situated at 38 km from Lansdowne city, If you are about visit lansdowne then don’t miss this place if you are spiritual and want to experience the tranquility of nature, the road to tarkeshwar from Lansdowne is a divine journey with absolute peace and silence, there are no honks and disturbance, no pollution and fresh air all around with a scenic beauty of nature.

tarkeshwar temple

Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple is a siddh peeth dedicated to Lord Shiva which is just 38 kilometers away from Lansdowne and the total travelling time from lansdowne to tarkeshwar mahadev temple is approximately 1 * ½ hours away.

And once you reach and explore that place you will not be able to believe your eyes that this kind of place is so near to Delhi. It is situated in a half moon shaped valley, filled with deodars and rhododendrons enroute.

This place is quiet and serene place you just need to sit n relax and hear the sound of the wind passing through the tall trees all around you and experience the joy of nature while seeing the birds chirping happily, and experience the blossom of life within you.


Lansdowne is a small hill station situated in Garhwal mountains in Uttarakhand, which is best known for its silent mesmerizing beauty which is an untouched marvel and also the house of Garhwal Rifles, The picturesque views of lansdowne are well combined with the lush green treks and nature trails, and a best place to spend your time if you happen to be a bird-watcher,

Tarkeshwar shiva temple

If you visit Lansdowne then we also recommend you to visit old British bungalows, it is said that they have each a ghostly story associated with them. It is also said to have a beautiful travel cafe, where all the travellers, solo or groups , take time to tell their tales to each other or write it on a piece of paper for others to read and know their story and if you are active socially then you could also share your experiences with your followers on social media.

I hope you find this post helpful to plan your trip to Lansdowne, Please do mention your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below. We would appreciate if you have any suggestions.  

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