PLACES TO VISIT IN MUNNAR – Munnar is a hill station situated in one of the most beautiful states of India, Kerala. Munnar recently started getting a huge volume of tourists from around the world due to its impeccable beauty and the rejuvenating aura.

This place will leave you with a purified heart and soul in just one visit. It’s beauty and versatility made this place to earn the honor of getting the title Kashmir of South India. Whether it is Queen tea farms, torrential waterfalls, greens, and hills, say for it, Munnar has it all. Munnar has more than 15 tourists stops as if, every next turn is a spot and why not…It’s so beautiful that every sight in Munnar is worth. Let me help you out in this and I would be picking my favorites for you. I am making your work a bit easier by listing down the top five best places to visit in Munnar, Kerala.


Munnar has more than 15 tourists spots, where every next turn is so beautiful that makes Munnar one of the best places to travel for nature. Now Let’s help you pick the best destinations you must visit in Munnar Kerala, below is our list of 5 Best Places to Visit in Munnar, Kerala.C


The Chokramudi peak is situated at the height of 7210 feet above the sea level and is inside Eravikulam National Park.

The view from the peak, deep valley full of gusted tea farms, vegetation, and the clear sky will win your heart. Not only the view, but the feel of breeze and hymn will also take you to heaven on earth. This peak could play the picnic spot of your dreams with all the love around you.


Blossom Park is a park near to the very famous Pallivasal Hydro-Electric Project situated in Munnar. This place will let you put your active side out as you can enjoy various tourists’ sports at this place like boating, Roller Skating, and Biking.

This place is a bit crowded because of the sports part and because it is the ideal picnic spot for the families. Blossom Park would let you spend your entire day with your family playing and gushing up together. Let your kids roll out on the bikes and let them see the beauty of this world in the tender age.  


This place will give you a glimpse of Neelakurinji flowers that blossom only once in every twelve years. Marayoor gives you a foretaste of the history of India and will take you back to the stone-age and would let you get into caves, where you could have a view of the paintings on the walls.

Marayoor Dolmens can be described as the perfect amalgamation of beauty and nature. Every name in the book is less for this place, it is exotic, versatile and gorgeous. Marayoor is a tourist spot in Munnar, Kerala where you could find everything like waterfalls, rivers, rocky hills, forests, etc. In the native language, the dolmens are called Muniyaras which means the dwelling places of the Sadhus. Dolmens are the rock slab structures, three for the sides and the fourth slab placed on top of these three as a roof. There are dolmens with 5 rock slabs as well where the 5th stone slab acts as a front wall with an opening at the entrance of the small rock house.


If you are going to choose a honeymoon package trip, I am very sure that this place will make a spot in the list as the Pedal Boating, speed boating and other water sports in Kundala Lake are very famous among couples on the honeymoon trip.


This lake is Asia’s first Arch-Dam and Neela Kurunji flower which was mentioned earlier too, it blooms once in twelve years, bloom on this hill and in the valleys around Kundala lake. This spot is one of the best spots of Munnar for sightseeing. The symphony, the hymn, and the panoramic view make this fall under Munnar famous places.


Last but not the least, Attukad Waterfalls. Before you reach to this location you would have already experienced the aura of it as the way to reach this place is one of its kind.

This waterfall gives you a heart felt experience. This is a must visit tourist spot in Munnar where you can see a waterfall amidst hills and trees. This ray of water would give you a mesmerizing view through dense trees. And if you are a tea lover, don’t lose the chance to have a hot cup of tea at the nearby shop by gazing the waterfalls from its best view point. This small treat to yourself would make you feel amazing.

I hope this list will lower down your burden to plan a compact trip. Have a beautiful journey and an amazing stay in Munnar. Please do mention your thoughts in the comment section below. We would appreciate if you have any suggestions.If you like this post then kindly share it with your friends and followers on Social Media to plan your trip to Munnar.

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