//5 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers
best affiliate programs for travel bloggers

5 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers

If you want to travel the world and make money. So this is the right place where you could learn to become a travel blogger and make money.

Its really very difficult to blog while travelling and its even more difficult to monetize your blog. Therefore, I bring you 5 Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Blogger so start an instant online income.

Nowadays, there are many opportunities to earn money online with your travel blog. Some of the most popular methods are ;

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Digital Product Sales
  • Selling Merchandise
  • Influencer Marketing

There are even more methods to earn money as a Travel Blogger. But not everyone is lucky at the beginning of their career to get Sponsorships at the beginning of their career.

Not to worry ! Even if you don’t get sponsorship in the beginning even then you could earn a lot with other methods. Later, Sponsorship income will become an added advantage.

If you take Travel Blogging seriously so you need to be ready for the investment of time and money. Travel Blogging is a serious business and it takes much effort to become successful.

First of all, You need to Invest and Manage your Travel Expenses. Later you also need to invest in marketing your content. As a Travel Blogger, you need to understand that Content is the King!

It’s a competitive niche, at the same time if you gain your audience so you could generate amounts of revenue using various monetization methods.

Start Your Travel Blog

There are several ways to generate revenue from your travel blog. Out of which Affiliate Marketing is one of the best methods to generate maximum revenue.

This way you could monetize your website and will start earning commissions for every sale of products or services.

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Once you start making money with Affiliate Marketing so you could manage your budget to reinvest in your next trip.

If you want to create a travel blog and make money. So I would like to recommend you get started with the best web hosting for your blog.

People around the world are making a living out of their blog. If you consider it as a serious business so even you could achieve the same.

So without any further delay let’s have a look at the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs to Quadruple Your Blog Income

Lets get started with some of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers to boost your blog income.

Booking.com Affiliate Program

Booking.com is a very popular website in the world for hotel bookings and it also offers the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers. 

It’s very simple to apply for this affiliate program and open for anyone with a blog/website, an app, or a travel agency. This affiliate program is perfect for those who could offer the best choice of accommodations to its readers.

All you need to do is choose your destination, pick a property to display on your site, or write about it so that your website visitors could book that property if they are traveling to that destination. 

If someone makes a booking through your affiliate link then you will earn a commission. 


  • Easy Sign-Up Process & Completely Free
  • Offer-Based, Commission Split Model
  • Banner Integration Options, Deep Linking, Offers Search Box
  • Minimum Payout €100.
  • Payout mode is Paypal. 
  • Integrate Booking.com Search Box on WordPress Blog by using the official plugin.

Join Booking.com affiliate program here.

Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is another one of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers as it has over a quarter million properties registered on this site. 

This should be on the top list of travel affiliate programs as it is open to everyone with a travel blog.

The approval process is very easy. All you need to do is to visit the Agoda affiliate program and register your website and business details and finally verify your website domain by placing the HTML code on the header of your website HTML.

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Once the verification is complete you could log in to your Agoda affiliate account where you will get all the tools that you would require to start your affiliate marketing.


  • Payout mode is direct bank transfer
  • The minimum payout is $200.
  • Offers search box, text links, and data feeds.
  • Up to 60% commission on margin.
  • Use hotel power ads to increase your revenue by 3x.

Join Agoda affiliate program here

Amazon Affiliate Program

We require a lot of products during our travel like travel bags, accessories, shoes, clothes, etc and that’s where you could make use of amazon associates program to promote travel products on your travel blog and start earning money. 

All you need to do is publish quality posts on your website along with the products you would like to promote using unique product links and once your blog visitors purchase those products through this link then you will earn a commission. 

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The best thing about amazon associates is that you could monetize your blog of any niche using amazon associates program and earn money whenever a referred user purchases any of the amazon products and this makes amazon associates program as one of the best amazon associates program for bloggers. 


  • It’s Completely Free To Join
  • It’s Simple to Generate Product Links 
  • Highly Trusted & Reputed Affiliate Network
  • Higher commission as you start referring more users.

Join Amazon associates program here

Airbnb Affiliate Program

Airbnb is one of the most popular names in the travel industry for accommodations. For businesses Airbnb offers two programs “referral program” and “affiliate program”. 

Referral programs and affiliate programs are two sides of the same coin. In a referral program, instead of earning hard cash, you earn points (or other non-monetary value) that you can utilize to buy products on the same network. 

Airbnb has a very popular referral program that helps you to earn decent “money” by referring to other users. 

You can earn up to $72 for every successful referral & a maximum of $5,000 USD travel credit per account. 


  • Good for travel income.
  • A well-known name in the travel industry.
  • Easy to share referral link as a user will also get Airbnb credits worth %18

Join Airbnb referral program here

Sky scanner Affiliate Program

Skyscanner is the leading global travel search site providing instant online comparisons for flights, car hire, and hotels. As a Travel Blogger you could sign up for a Skyscanner affiliate program and could refer to flights and other Skyscanner services on your travel blog. 

International Travel is supported majorly by flights and people are opting for flights for the majority of domestic travel needs, so if you are a travel blogger then it would be highly profitable for you to have an affiliate program where you could offer cheap flights to your website visitors. 

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As a travel blogger you could also publish flight reviews on your travel blog to generate more website visitors and with the increase in the number of visitors you can receive a 50% revenue share and start earning. 

Join Skyscanner Affiliate Program here 

Other Popular Travel Website & Services Offering Affiliate Programs

  • ShareASale: It is an affiliate marketplace where you can find the top affiliate programs in any niche. Some of the most popular travel airlines, hotels and services are available on ShareASale ( Qatar Airways, Agoda, The Lalit Hotels, etc.) – Join ShareASale affiliate marketplace here
  • Tripadvisor Affiliate Program: Before planning our next trip we usually search for reviews, bookings, and recommendations on trip advisors. Join Trip advisor affiliate program here

So if you like to travel and want to earn money while traveling so you should join the above best affiliate programs for travel bloggers.

If you think that there are more affiliate programs for travel bloggers so please do mention it in the comment section below; 

If you find this list worthy, do share it on your favorite social networking sites!

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